Ali Mama how can you nowA brief analysis of the three horse drivers for making money on the nterne

return to Ali mother community, there are so many similar posts: apply for click billing advertising, pay per click, apply for strong honesty click billing request to open access!! all that apple! Look uncomfortable, can not let the advertising so wasted!! I hope my mother can understand my mood!…. Of course, there is no need to abuse the post. In fact, radical approach is not desirable, Friendliness is conducive to business success.. A few days ago, the ad League also came to me, I replied, they have put Ali mom and shlf1314 advertising, and temporarily consider no cooperation.

networks make money for three carts selling advertising. Now that a good commodity wants a higher exposure, they have to issue a lot of advertising. A good advertisement is a big sign of a successful promotion. And the network is the main position that businessman advertisement can not ignore at any rate. Most people now engage in Wangzhuan are selling advertising advertising. Because this limitation is very low, as long as you have , blog, personal website and so on, you can advertise for the merchants through the release of commercial advertising to earn a certain amount of advertising revenue. However, many webmaster are confined to selling advertising, there is no other profit point. Sell advertising, advertising refers to the business alliance, put in a few Wangzhuan site on their own advertising alliance to obtain a small payment or sell some advertising on the station. This model is very tiring, because it requires a high click through rate and high traffic, which requires you to attract enough people. You need to constantly maintain, fill your website, and need to keep original works. Although you can earn a little money to support yourself, but it will not be very easy to live.

actually, before too many advertising losses, they often buckle even deadbeat. Ali’s mother didn’t seem to have any buttons, but it was a bit too hard to button up often.

thanks for your attention. Surfing the Internet is 123 simple!

networks make money for three carts selling products. Now the second-hand reselling website, clothing website and so on are all this pattern. There is also the choice to sell products is a relatively large profit side. In modern economic society, it is common sense to earn the difference by buying and selling. Now big bosses who drive luxury cars are sold and sold, and they sell their products, which is the highest level of Internet money. At the same time Wangzhuan is the core of the network marketing, most Internet advertising is also mostly naked in the goods advertising pictures in the form of the above plus contact, this is no longer advertising audience in hit consumers. But remember, advertising is just a way to promote a product, not a way to get beyond it. The key is the quality of the product to attract everyone. Now we all know the network, television advertising is very expensive, a few seconds of advertising display needs millions. But everybody thinks, the product that advertiser sells must be higher than this advertisement fee, otherwise they lose, they are not foolish. So that the product is sold online.

only this month changed the dollar earned in shlf1314 advertising fees, just to subsidize the cost of living, I feel really good. So began to adjust the site, mainly to increase the advertising position of shlf1314. Because of repeated testing, it is inevitable to refresh several pages. It is found in the website yesterday afternoon, Ali Mama advertising have become apple up. Open the e-mail box to see, and indeed there is a letter titled "important attention, Ali mother temporarily freeze your site advertising revenue" letter, but the content is garbled.



this is really convenient, but the complaint submitted yesterday has not been answered yet this evening. Click again for releasing, immediately "prompted: hello dear customer: you have submitted the application, please do not submit. Your application will be processed as soon as possible and the result will be sent to your email automatically. Please keep an eye on it. Thank you. "I think this is also because of the sensitive system of error, and continue to wait for it.". While waiting, I replaced the unsightly apple and boldface with the shlf1314 ad. Because saw my post, a website owner found me on , expressed the helpless and the understanding to this kind of situation.

network development today, many people in the Internet, and this will give birth to a lot of opportunities. And now I personally think that selling advertising, selling services and selling products are the three carts to make money online. Here we will analyze the characteristics of these three carriages.

network to make money three carts selling services. Many websites today are an intermediary platform, and those who work part-time online earn a small amount of money through this platform. Its basic pattern is that the seller releases the task, and if the buyer has the ability to complete it, he can apply for it and accomplish certain tasks, which will lead to a successful transaction. And there are many tasks, such as naming, doing web design, writing articles, watering websites and so on. But it is common to earn high traffic and click through rates for websites to click on.

problem was serious, and then got into my mother Ali – ad management, and found out, "please note that your website, 9123, has been banned from clicking on ads."." Very striking. Similar problems were encountered at the beginning of the year, but there was no freezing of income at that time. After repeated instructions and applications, and finally in more than one month to return to normal. Because this letter cannot see the specific content, had to go to the community’s mother asked how to post customer complaints? Customer service replies: if in doubt, you can log in Ali mother account, "my mom" – "the main site" – at the corresponding site behind, click "apply down" fill in the complaint submitted we, relevant staff will conduct audits.

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