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has now established its own trading site, and the various instruments on the web, though not well understood by ordinary people, are indeed familiar to Asseta. Rich pictures, quite Pinterest interface style, navigation and ordinary online shopping or e-commerce sites are similar.

is now the Internet everywhere gold, new applications continue to emerge, new website dizzying, you cannot judge what you do now by the user after the user will not be affected by love love, this is like SEO, black hat white hat not SEOER, not sh419, shlf1314, the user is not love black hat, white hat is user love, because the search engine not including the payment is to allow users to find what you want. Therefore, we should not concentrate on the net to catch more fish. Such as Tencent generally "create an Internet one-stop life experience" is considered a success.

in the Y Combinator startup incubator project, filled with photo sharing applications such as production equipment, second-hand trading platform may not be visible, but that Asseta has proved the transparent business concept of second-hand production equipment trading system has sufficient market prospects. By means of networking, this one to one sales relationship brings second-hand equipment transactions to a whole new level.


is a IM tool, if do not do a search, portal, do not do the game, software, now that Tencent can only be estimated by selling advertising and membership such as red diamonds, because there are so many products, all products, do not collapse there are user groups, such as Pinyin now, Sogou input method has been gradually to the rogue software Path >


synthesis: attention and lack of concentration, attention must be paid to the situation

Internet start-ups seem to be big opportunities, seemingly big prospects, seemingly impossible, many people jumped in and jumped out, too happy, cyclical. I said before: "why did the webmaster fail?" during the talk about the start-up company, you can’t always try new idea, there is a new idea, very good, but it can be developed into Facebook, that’s absolutely not easy. So the attention, and even a few years like a day dedicated to fruition. Such as sh419 generally only search, so successful.

Square: the focus

this is indeed a very boring conclusion, often a lot of school debate is such a conclusion, look at the situation and.



many traditional industry transactions have undergone a transition from offline to online, and constantly simplify the middleman’s link, and finally realize the transparent transaction from seller to buyer. What Asseta considers also is the profit link that intermediary and other competitors share. The number of intermediaries now engaged in second-hand production equipment trading is numerous, because this transaction link exists, the second-hand equipment sale transaction is actually issued from their hands, do not know the buyer of goods come from, and the seller is not clear in the end price geometry.

Asseta itself comes from a sales agent. 3 of the 4 founders used to work in the same semiconductor equipment, second hand brokerage company which is also among the best in the industry. But the Asseta CEO Anton Brevde explained, there is no what special prompted him or other founder including former broker and co-founder of Jonathan Pease and Grarrett Beck, CTO Danial Afzal left their posts to create Asseta. Brevde said, "just witnessed before the company from secondary trading on the lucrative, but in fact these intermediary links in the presence of low efficiency, complicated secondary trading, is not reasonable. This makes us aware of the vast opportunities that exist. As a young man who knows the power of science and technology, it makes us decide to create a more rational way to solve the problem."


, Tencent, and sh419, one who wants to spread his own footprints across the Internet, try every new application, one thing at a time, and more attention to the present. Both have been successful, Tencent and sh419 are China’s Internet giants, to my reflection is that the Internet industry should not focus on

Robin Li 99 years back home founded sh419 search engine, so far has not changed the target. Technology has transformed people’s lives and become the most powerful search engine in the Chinese language, and sh419 is certainly successful.

, but Brevde says, in addition to the online appearance of an online marketplace like eBay, there are still a lot of work for Asseta’s secondary trading companies. He notes that eBay emphasizes customer demand and is not perfect in identifying company needs. This allows the founders to focus not only on the exchange of buyers and sellers, but also on the willingness of both parties to conclude the purchase intention, sign an agreement, complete the transaction and so on in the construction of Asseta.

should not focus on

Ma Huateng 98 years to start a business, so far, the Tencent including IM, email, games, browser, security software, download software, input method, search engine, video software, micro-blog, and so on, Ma Huateng said: "life is to create a one-stop Internet experience regardless of Tencent more unpopular. But it is undeniable that the Tencent is successful.

The founder of

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