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when you just stepped into the ranks of the beginner you will be very glad, that he will soon be able to dig into their own Jinshan Yinhai, but once inside, you will find the original Wangzhuan is so difficult, so many people choose to quit, and some people look for a new way, such as through the operation of the site to Wangzhuan, in many sites, Taobao as a senior customer entry for the novice is Wangzhuan Wangzhuan must understand! Do Taobao customers, we must first understand the Taobao customer profitability model! Let the author to introduce four kinds of the latest Taobao customer profitability model

one: direct soliciting mode

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two: to create a boutique model

this simple model, but also the most brutal, many novice started Taobao passenger operation mode is usually use this mode of soliciting a lot of people, through the forum, in the group, Taobao released a variety of customer information in the blog, this stage often beginner also does not have its own unique Taobao guest website but, through the release of code to do the Taobao customers, but this money effect is poor, it is easy to let others disgust

is one of the most professional, now a lot of weight loss drug list, lookingthrough and so on are the product promotion form, and some time ago also broke the elder brother station group of Taobao customers, this model can quickly make their own Taobao search engine off site occupied home, nature can the accurate flow blocking more, plus slimming products, profits are good, so many people by the weight of the product Taobao customers to earn a lot of money, this is the product of the profit model the benefits of


in this way do Taobao customers is relatively wise, because of the understanding of a particular industry, at the same time positioning is quite accurate, they generally use soft to attract the attention of the user, thereby allowing users to love on the soft imperceptibly recommended products, so the Taobao customer profit model is a

four: profit model through product promotion


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This kind of mode of

three: bundling profit model

finally, the Taobao has gone through several pages

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is advanced stage of Taobao customers, now had independent Taobao off site and fixed flow of people, can through the development of a molded product or software allows users to use the free download, and promote Taobao customers embedded in the software, the bundling mode can often achieve better volume and 360 of the profit, such as online shopping bodyguard on the embedded Taobao customer program, a lot of people directly from inside the 360 online shopping shopping, nature also can give 360 to obtain considerable benefit! When your website has a fixed user, can be of different products according to the recommendation of the web, it can do precise the marketing of


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