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, In, his, commencement, remarks, he, talked, about, life, growing, upin, the, projects, in, Brooklyn, and, his, working, his, way,, to, becoming,, the, CEO, of, GoldmanSachs.

, He, delivered, his, address, to, an, audience, of, around,, 1000graduates, from, the, college.

summary: "I went home and told my wife that I was going to quit. She cried and wasn’t happy.". Anyway, things were going well. I found a new job in a small business in Wall Street, and later acquired by a bigger business, and I was able to get into this bigger body, Goldman sachs."

the latest news, the Jingdong announced the establishment of Jingdong logistics independent operation, logistics sub group, Jingdong group senior vice president, Jingdong mall operating system responsible Wang Zhenhui will serve as the Jingdong logistics sub group CEO, to the Jingdong group chairman of the board and CEO Liu Qiangdong report, said it would complete the income of billions of small target in five years. After splitting the Jingdong logistics is still a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jingdong Group Holdings, the company will not affect the consolidated statements of listed companies.

logistics Jingdong responsible person had repeatedly stressed that the Jingdong is currently positioning logistics logistics platform, only with other logistics delivery service, Jingdong logistics service is the whole supply chain".

in November last year, Jingdong group announced that it would sell all its shares in its financial business and seek a purely domestic transformation. At the same time, Jingdong also launched a new "Jingdong logistics" brand, and announced that Jingdong logistics will be in the form of brand operation, fully open to the community. News came out, the industry has a point of view, the move is to spin off the logistics business and listing. But then, senior vice president of Jingdong group, Jingdong mall operating system responsible Wang Zhenhui categorically denied this: "split, there is no plan."."

, Goldman’s chief executive, Mr Blankfein – in Manhattan Javits center attended LaGuardia Community College’s forty-first graduation ceremony and delivered a speech.

in addition, Jingdong logistics also said that to further the future operation of the capital market openness, Jingdong logistics sub group does not rule out future independent financing and listing, but there is no specific plan. The establishment of the sub group, does not involve the split and listing problems.

He also gave some advice for the graduating class telling them to beconfident, find a job they like, be a " well-rounded, completeperson" give, back to the community keep an, open mind, surroundthemselves with ambitious people and put themselves in.

independent operators, Jingdong logistics layout four service areas: supply chain services, providing integrated supply chain including warehousing, transportation, distribution, customer service, customer service and solutions; cloud + technology services, offering cloud WMS, TMS, OMS, logistics technology UAV, unmanned vehicles, unmanned warehouse and distribution stations and other businesses, no data services sales forecasting, inventory management and other services; cross-border logistics service; courier and express services. At present, Jingdong logistics has established a small and medium-sized network, cold chain network, big ticket network, B2B network, cross-border network and package network dada as one of the logistics network.

will spin off independent logistics business operations, this has been criticised as "the last straw Jingdong model", in addition to the introduction of external capital for the development of strong large, but also to the independent body identity, get more tourists, face the competition from rookie logistics.

, GoldmanSachs, CEO, Lloyd, gave, the, keynote, address, at, LaGuardia, CommunityCollege’s, 41st, commencement, today,, at, the, Blankfein, Javits, Center, Manhattan.

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working in Blankfein about 1000 graduates to participate in this activity in a speech.

he spoke about his experience growing up in the Broolyn neighborhood and eventually becoming CEO of Goldman sachs.

Jingdong began to build its own logistics since 07 years ago, and its supply chain logistics system includes warehouse allocation, cold chain logistics, large logistics, international supply chain and supply chain finance services. With its strong "Jingdong gene", after opening the logistics products, Jingdong logistics inevitably faces pressure from rookie logistics. Relying on Ali, rookie of the logistics of electronic surface alone accounted for about 70% of the share.

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