Technology to the inflection point entrepreneurs should turn tos there a link between career base

, according to the survey, 10 out of a hundred Unicorn companies

introduction: in any case, we need to avoid taking root in purely technical applications.

still begins with bubbles.


often asks investors when they graduate on DEMO, and when they graduate, does the team have a full-time entrepreneur?. According to the logic of investment, students can not all-in entrepreneurial failure probability is too large, there have been investors bluntly: college students is typical of unreliable.

scientists are planning to take advantage of what?? after hopping, on entrepreneurship foundation, so at the college entrance examination will fill the wrong

actually, if we will be regarded as a kind of mobile Internet technology, so easy to see its development should have been approaching the mature stage, the application of this technology in the pure derivative above such as social, search, games have been very rich. That means investment needs to be laid out before the recession. At this point, there are actually two good choices: >

The topic of

if we use the "China" thinking to understand, the legendary investor to pure application development based on technology based on already see the ceiling, the next step is to expand the technology based on the existing technology and commercial use, more specifically, from to improve the existing application level up, such as Open Garden that technology innovation and commercial application of such kind of red.

career base and the success rate of entrepreneurship?

is the mobile internet. If we as Chinese Internet first year from 1995 to 2010, then after the mature, probably after 15 years; and if we will from 2002 commercial GPRS mobile Internet is recognized as the first year of it, then to mature in 2013, the whole development period of only 11 years it should be shorter.

there is no doubt that this is a clear and very useful investment strategy. Even the jump out of investment, Doug Leone’s argument is still very valuable, because it contains a lot of technology and the evolution of the environment changes.



survey shows that the programmer has the highest proportion, Lei Jun millet technology, the chain of home Zuo Hui, Chen Shaojie, Yang Haoyong used car Betta seeds, reflecting off in ARF, have done programmers; Internet Banking after two years out of the reign of terror, many Unicorn company, and they also came the founder of the financial sector, ranked second. Speaking of programmers, often the first impression is the grass root, and many financial professionals were favourites for the gold, the two extremes are breeds of the unicorn.

typical representative: Xinjiang Technology Wang Tao, hungry Zhang Xuhao, Iqiyi, Gong Yu, Wei to Li Bin, the hero of mutual entertainment should book ridge, cat movie Wang, Hujiang network Rui volt color, today’s headlines a lot of real Zhang Yiming, Duan Yi, Curve Wrecker Jun Zhang Kailei


has long been famous for investing in tracks instead of racing cars. From the IT era of Cisco, Oracle to Apple, from the Internet field of Yahoo, shlf1314, to Linkedin, are all the same. Now, the redwoods seem to have found the new track again, which naturally attracts little attention.

Is there a real link between the

One of the less appropriate examples of


is backed by BAT companies such as the unicorn, CEO or legal representative appointed by the parent company executives often, such as ants gold dress chairman Peng Lei, is one of the founding team of Ali, former chief human officer in Ali; financial Jingdong CEO Chen electronics, previously served as chief financial officer of Jingdong in the mall. In addition, professional managers are often attracted by large companies, leading subsidiary companies, such as music, sports Lei, Jinshan, Wang Yun afforestation.


again to the job hopping season, the new shoots NewSeed selected more than 1 billion U.S. dollars worth of 100 unicorns, the study of its founder or founder CEO after the appointment and removal of the new CEO did not count career origin. If you want to succeed in your career, start with these careers.

students do not fly,

original title: We investigated the background of 100 Unicorn founders, someone who served as a police officer, and a satellite

Kunlun web Zhou Yahui was in accordance with the valuation of the company, to the founder of the origin of the simple division of Occupation: founder who BD and sales can make a valuation of 100 million dollars from the company, products and technology can make a $1 billion company, and to make a $10 billion company, may need to scientists, economists, philosophers and historians.

if the life cycle is concerned, technology will probably have a period from germination to maturity to decline. Regardless of a technology, many cattle will inevitably fall into recession, and this technology cycle seems shorter and shorter, iterative faster and faster, this also means that the layout of the industry needs more and more frequent.

today, snowball founder side of salmon sent a message in the snow in the community. "The Sequoia Capital has reduced investment in mobile Internet and social networking," he wrote. Doug Leone said. Mainly refers to the kind of weekend can be done out of the application. Instead, it’s more basic technology. Then, the news was carried to the circle of friends and spread quickly.

apart from this, we also found some interesting rules.

the most important thing is: technology to the inflection point.

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