The transformation of a programmer’s sample pulse Freya LimMy entrepreneurial path mad in the chase

2010 was a turning point.

CEO Freya Lim is still not accustomed to tenderness in the face of the media, although this is his business for sixth years, and fourth years to do. He said, he admired most is Ma Huateng, because "even if so successful, is not a particularly good at self marketing, really is a product of the people."."

, CEO, Freya Lim,

those who are always starting their business are often short of action, and they’re just addicted. "About seven years ago, I was the kind of person who loves mouth addiction," says the world.

, experienced the cruel reality of entrepreneurship, in ashes to ashes, retreated to the workplace, learn to silence. This silent seven years, is from the most minor details of the beginning, solid time.

time to pull back to the beginning of the year, when the micro-blog has not cool enough. For a few days, when you brush micro-blog, from time to time you will see micro-blog great God @Fenng in the recommendation of a grapevine micro signal, and then crept attention. Probably many years of technical work to develop the habit, there will be some want to understand the mood of new things, so we have carefully studied and found not only for public services, also found that he provides a developer mode. Code farmers understand that this is for us to prepare the broad road ah, I like this for many years, also maintain code writing code used, too interesting. Quickly understand the interface, debugging through, and easily put the simulation of the law to the inside of a irrigation, and then random simulation, not good.

"big company", "monopoly" several eye-catching keywords plus is in financing announced stalls, the tenderness of the.

this year, the entrepreneurial tide swept, with the Tsinghua 96 Xu Zhaojun, Hu Chen began to change roles, from the Internet enterprise mainstay into an entrepreneur. Also in this year, Wang Xiaochuan because Sogou to introduce external investment, went to Hangzhou to see Ma, and eventually introduced Alibaba investment, refused to 360 stake, businessman temperament began to show.

Twenty years ago


in front of a few years in polished product, see how tenderness can adapt to different sectors of the population."

Lin Fandi Wang Xiaochuan two, perhaps influenced by the seniors, perhaps the sea billowing man ambition difficult to block him, with the words of "technology curtilage, dream to change the world, want to go?" joined the army of entrepreneurship, and the original "Sogou technical director" into the current "tenderness CEO".


programmers never talk about "business". With Zhou Feng and Wang Xiaochuan as the representative of the Department of Tsinghua University 96 grade school participated in the creation of ChinaRen, after graduating from gengzhuobozi into Sohu, NetEase, they do not like socializing, the tendency to use technology to speak, self also low-key.

the past two years, and rarely open the conference, Freya Lim also very few foreign sounding. These two years of silence, he focused on two things: one thing is, the tenderness of the user group from the Internet to expand the financial, real estate, media, chemical, medical etc., to cover all the occupation category; the other thing is, the tenderness on the real name credit information into the content, to the ant gold clothing, Jingdong, financial and other financial and life application output drops. The former is to broaden the tenderness of the user groups, which reflects the value of tenderness real name information.

this business, is a lot of accidental formation of certainty.

in August 2014, coincided with the tenderness won $20 million B round of financing, also not be reprimanded micro-blog dance for joy, a malicious user data capture. Micro-blog gave tenderness two way: shared data or stop interface. On the same day 16:52 Freya Lim long hair micro-blog responded, which is not a direct challenge to understand micro-blog Investment: "deliberate retaliation on this result, we had a hunch. Sina has repeatedly expressed hope that investment intentions, not from Sina then began to tenderness, support. In the eyes of a new round of investment when they finally settled, sharpening."

in fact, not without high-profile. The battle with micro-blog is the most high-profile thing Freya Lim has done so far.

since the start, non-stop running, running and falling, while running, never dare to stop. I think God was watching us, not only that the mad dog didn’t bite his ass for a while, but we ran out of a road we never thought of –

you might be a little curious about what we’re doing. Simply put, to help traditional enterprises to expand business on the mobile Internet, the use of tools is the hottest WeChat nowadays. This is essentially a service, is a comprehensive team of years of electricity supplier experience and professional services provided.

who wanted to, just a few months, we will be able to develop into a company the size of dozens of people? Who wanted to, just a few months, we will be able to provide services for thousands of companies? Who wanted to, just a few months, we will be able to accumulated profits? Who wanted only for a few months, we can put a company tens of millions of valuation? Of course, nevertheless, the mad dog was chasing behind, or to bite the ass. So we’re still running.

then I thought, although for code farmers, a developer interface is enough, but code farming is a minority

a few months ago, because of accidents, I quit my job and started my own business. Someone asked, what is the feeling of entrepreneurship, when the boss is very cool? Your childhood, a mad dog is chasing, ass to bite it? If not, you will never know what it feels like to run, it can not understand, in the startup when the boss I dare to stop.

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