Earn lots of money in agency spaceWho’s going to decide SP’s exit

download a music thief program from the Internet, music thief program, as the name implies, is one of the most common ", there are many songs, but the other station to steal the resources, but they can listen to. This feature is the thief program music is smooth, because the automatic search on the network the fastest music resources and space resources is small, because the music file is another station, the station is on their pages of code, so the space pressure. For example , net name, 9 stations, www.wm9.cn

after he finished making this website, then this is a very good name of this stand, and then at the station launched domestic paid advertising alliance code, the domestic advertising alliance on pay a lot, such as the UUSEE advertising alliance, is a settlement, most of the SP class are League Day the.

often see some advertisements on the website is 150G foreign space, the sales price is 150 yuan, when I encountered a similar advertising, also doubted the authenticity of the ad, until the people actually buy and use time, reaction effect is good to understand, it is true, but the space for resources very strict requirements, pictures are not allowed, so although the big space is not much, the only advantage is the freedom to split into many small space.

he usually does several similar stations at the same time, at the same time take this way to operate, after others bought the flow method also >

Monternet in their own development process has also encountered many problems, especially in the early development of SP network by some Monternet consumers is not mature and the management oversight, construction of charge traps caused by consumer damage. China Mobile first began operations in many telecom operators, in 2004 through a series of measures to stop the "Monternet" small SP illegal wind, and SP to build the Monternet self-discipline mechanism. Recently, China Mobile has introduced "Monternet SP credit management measures". The new management approach to industry experts put forward the "credit management" problem, not only more actively promote SP integrity management, but also gives more power to the Monternet consumer, customer complaints become an important indicator to decide whether or not the illegal SP out.

Monternet is a general term for mobile data services to provide customers with China Mobile, it is like a magician quietly and quickly penetrate into people’s life, work and business, especially has a great impact on the mobile Internet, the Internet, people’s life and business layout.

was born less than five years has been the focus of attention: Monternet will Chinese Internet from winter into spring; Monternet open the telecommunications industry to create a new door of cooperation and win-win business model; Monternet mobile phone as a communication tool will overthrow the idea, in just a few years quietly changed people’s life……

Then use the method of

hanging chat room to advertise the music station, he wrote in the music stand, because I am going to graduate from University, the transfer of the station, the station on the flow of 1500IP, can view the counter, the station on the income of 30 yuan, the transfer price of 300 yuan, through the Alipay deal, make sure to get the resources after the test, after payment of income. Because the site is very rich in resources, what song is also can listen to, through Alipay to ensure that the transaction is absolutely no risk, 300 yuan is not expensive, the key is a day to earn 30 yuan, Why not??

the construction of a website is necessary to have space. If it is said to let people earn money by selling space, all sold space friends will say " do not make money selling space, the reason is " the service provider space too much, too much competition, because many people who buy space occupation is doing the network, the network will not be free to occupation, the the choice of small business space, generally have a fixed space supplier, and the business field have a word that is in " investment saving, is the waste of the human ", China; nets of whole network space is the most expensive, the same type of space, the price is about 10 times the ordinary space but, the nets of customers is the largest, the old owners basically choose million net, so if it is taken to the traditional way of selling space, is definitely marketable.

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