To the understanding of the Shanghai dragon roots the ultimate site optimization process

Key words:

what is the site of the purpose is to be profitable, since a website profit, then this site is to sell the product or profit, or provide services to others to profit, if we want to through the search engine with directional customers to our website, I have to understand our customers may be search through what keywords to check our website, for example, your website is selling slimming products, then you should know what way the most effective weight loss products "and" the most effective weight loss products of these words, should be your customer orientation.


for a just contact Shanghai dragon root words, know Shanghai dragon’s goal is to optimize the website, improve our website ranking, which from the search engine (like Shanghai) to get traffic, it is disguised, please search engine. A flow of words, we can make money, I think this is an idea that most people just contact Shanghai, indeed, as long as the search engine with words, in these words we flow reasonable use, can indeed bring us money benefits. But Shanghai, how to do? I think that plagued the vast majority of people, after all, just a touch of Shanghai Longfeng people what all don’t understand, if you want to do the Shanghai dragon, it is Arabian Nights; unless you through hard work, for a whole process of Shanghai dragon, has a profound understanding it is possible to really put Shanghai dragon well; everyone in order to be able to do better in Shanghai Longfeng, today Xiaobian to Shanghai dragon of the whole operation process to share out, as long as you are careful to practice, can not guarantee that you become a master of Shanghai dragon, but let you become an entry-level Shanghai dragon, the

, an in-depth analysis of the site of the keyword

collection after know what is the key, the next job is to put these and your site related words are collected, you can search by keywords of your site in Shanghai in a search box at the bottom of your site and find relevant keywords, also can through the webmaster tools "keyword mining" to find your website and some relevant keywords, the keywords were collected, using Excel table together.

Keywords: is more than sufficient!

analysis collected many words, but words so much, we can not bring all optimization! So we want to make sure we want to optimize the key word, generally speaking, a website as long as three long tail keywords on the OK keyword, so much, how should we choose? So we to in-depth analysis of these keywords, those parameters can explain these keywords are valuable? A keyword index shows the keyword search volume every day, so we analyze keywords, to know the keyword index, can use the love Shanghai index tool query; second is the degree of competition in the key words how >

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