To improve the mining enterprise station traffic magic keywords

keyword mining

above you have found these may be users often search keywords through a variety of methods, but the range is too wide, hundreds of keywords are possible, and we have to do now is to screen these keywords, first of course is to look at these words the competition degree, judgment can be returned from the a key of the major search engines listed in the lower right corner of the page number, this number can help you understand the degree of competition, the key is to pay attention to the other, you choose these words what is sex in Shanghai to promote the auction, Shanghai sex promotion Keywords are more fierce competition, the competition is too the words we should abandon.

Find the right keywords

Enterprise Station although not much traffic, but there is always a certain flow, at this point, we can observe the study site log file to see if the user is searching through what keywords >

keyword search times


view of the degree of competition in


often hear a lot of business station owners complaining about the traffic is too small, so every day some fixed IP, it is difficult to break through a standard, suffer nature is us poor webmaster, bosses think website traffic less, we have to find the reasons, Shanghai dragon as enterprise station how should I do? Shanghai, a little experience of the staff would say, starting from the site of the long tail keywords so we should how to choose keywords? What kind of keywords can really bring traffic enterprises? Under the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/topic- Shanghai.Html Shanghai dragon dragon) to explore this issue with you simple:

The Although the

log files in the

want to find the right keywords, it should always observe, learn more about the sources of their website keywords, analysis of users are often search what words come in, can think of myself as a user, imagine yourself in peacetime search will use what words, of course can also ask friends, colleagues, classmates, ask what they will use words to search, in addition, is by the webmaster tools to query and analysis of competitors in the same industry are what words do, this comprehensive consideration, lists a large number of keywords, then select.

keyword search times nature is better, this can be observed through love love Shanghai Shanghai index, the index is higher, indicating the degree of concern of the word user is high, then we have to do is take a look at the number of how many words the degree of competition in the search, I believe that through the above screening, you choose these although the user search words many times, but the competition is not too big, that is the reason why we have to do the above work, by screening a step by step to find out the key words of the most potential, and then play the keyword value.

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