Who let the Shanghai dragon become a disdain for the industry

Shanghai dragon in this industry should not only exchange training. If you spend money to a "well-known" Shanghai dragon training institutions, you will find that the 80% tutorial can be seen everywhere on the Internet, the other 20% is to teach you how to cheat. Follow this learning method, but in addition to the hands of several garbage built outside the station, the other nothing. If you have the time, rather than look at the noble baby official "search engine optimization guide", that is more affordable and practical.

winks rubbish website is flawed love Shanghai. This is partly due to technical reasons can not reach the accurate judgement of the merits of a site, but there are also a large part of the reason is to punish the spam sites cause a lot of elders are not tough enough to stand opportunistic, not to.

1, Shanghai dragon training industry.

Shanghai dragon If

a lot of people who work in Shanghai dragon is "know not why, just learned some, will send a few outside the chain, will put a few words to say, you know Shanghai dragon. Ask the search engine or segmentation principle is the spider crawling rules a little further problems do not necessarily know how many, even some excuse that Shanghai Dragon don’t need to know the principle of search engine, then say how ridiculous.

frivolous people often ignorant. When the search for "City + Shanghai dragon" such words, you will find the keywords optimization of a large number of such people this way, to provide paid services for enterprises in Shanghai dragon. Keywords road and slightly understand people know, search keywords such people, more than eighty or ninety per cent are engaged in Shanghai Longfeng counterparts, are these heroes you how to order, where customers? Even a man who has no sense of direction of the market, how to match Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon mouth closed?

Shanghai dragon may not be what a profound knowledge, but also never learn to master just shallow into the essence of technology. According to "what a good Chinese to" the universal truth, "Shanghai dragon" in China this huge LAN will in the future become a disdain for the industry. The reasons generally have the following three aspects:


fell in love with the blame by shipwreck.

2, Shanghai Longfeng employees frivolous.


training industry profits, let many people at holding their own reputation in the many outstanding rush into danger, of course, the talent network, but for the money, the leader often violated Internet moral principles as everyone knows — "user experience", and this is enough for stale refuse transporting a large number of Internet content maker. Curiously, the blind worship of those few.

is jumping out of the ring external, we really should give love Shanghai some time after a Google in technology, in the moral, we can reach half of Google very satisfied.

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