The Shanghai dragon how to use the successful experience of others

to determine their own direction of development, from the "used" in line with their own development

?Shanghai dragon .

reflection: share experience really full of

can learn from the success of others, but can not be copied, to be good at reasonable use "used"

chain, want to get profit by Shanghai dragon, the editing, promotion, planning, construction and so on are directly linked, or that sentence, there is no free lunch, no other core things share out, will only give you share some one-sided things. Since in the Shanghai dragon in this industry, we must have ability of acquisition and analysis, and then get the most valuable thing in the straitjacket will always follow the pace of the others.

must first clear, others will give their successful experience to share it, that this experience can get profit has been drained, there is no free lunch, there are benefits to cut it what others may you share? But share the experience is not useless, "standing on the shoulders of giants can see farther, we stand on the basis of the success of others according to the situation now Shanghai Longfeng innovation, now any industry in innovation, rational use of new things can become a profitable business opportunities, the new method only own one in use, the equivalent of a new method to that piece of cake create all alone.

everyone treats Shanghai Longfeng, self cognition, the future direction of development have different ideas, objects and things around them will affect the development direction of a person and walk toward the goal of the method used, we and others living in two different environments, how can completely come from? So we learn from others the successful experience at the same time, what can we be? What should we give? Think about, to analyze the influence of.

love Shanghai algorithm in the changing times, you refer to the successful case of Shanghai Longfeng that now can use it? "Spark plan", "pomegranate algorithm" to the "green" algorithm in just a few months, Shanghai conducted a number of love is the so-called big update, this time with the past, the previous method can by now can not, before others is innovation, but now you have become outdated and even imitation, imitation, simple ism is not suitable for now, we will according to the mainstream age now, learn from others successful core things, created in line with the current Shanghai Longfeng method.

from innovation in Homeopathy


Shanghai Longfeng development up to now has nearly ten years of time, between there have been many successful cases, see their achievements not fond of it is a lie, there are a lot of these success stories are worth learning, but not hard to move now, be good at analysis and then the method is feasible and according to their work, learn from each other to make its own characteristics, later reached beyond.

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