The symbol of the new forum light years off Shanghai dragon Era

light forum was founded by Shanghai dragon master teacher Zhang Guoping hand, was all Shanghai dragon Er enlightenment. Unfortunately, in October 2012, China Ping teacher announced a decision: close light forum. I believe a lot of Shanghai dragon Er knows the news and the reasons for the closure, have expressed dismay, a symbol of ancient times after all light-years forum a Shanghai dragon, but the walk or go like this, once brilliant ancient Shanghai dragon era, has slowly disappeared, we began to greet the new is a Shanghai dragon.

have to say, I also have deep feelings of light has also been in the forum, after all learn some knowledge about the Shanghai dragon, China Ping teacher of Shanghai Longfeng opinion really let me benefit, for the decision to shut down, although I was full of sadness, but I can understand in the teacher, since the Shanghai dragon new era will come, Shanghai dragon ER in the end how to meet the new era of

forum is the teacher in light years do not want to waste the internet. See here, as a Shanghai dragon Er, I really feel very ashamed, but every day we publish some rubbish in the forum, every day in their own site of the paste has repeated a thousand times article, we have what contribution? The deliberate pursuit of Shanghai Longfeng, will not only harm their own website, also make the Internet is filled with all kinds of garbage, let the user feel disgusted, whether we should change? The new era of Shanghai dragon should stress two words: nature, people often say that nature is the most beautiful, Shanghai dragon is also like this, don’t go to Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon deliberately, we should make a contribution to the Internet, with the level of their own write useful articles and others, can improve their website ranking, but also to make more friends, Why not??

One of the reasons for the closure of the ?

: the first pure Shanghai dragon ranking era has passed, the conversion rate is king

second: Shanghai dragon to create the beauty of nature, rather than the Internet garbage

‘s flat teacher said "pure Shanghai dragon era is not appropriate, why is there such a sigh? I now take over a lot of Shanghai Longfeng list, although I can use their own ability to bring up, but many customers complained to me: why row on the home page or sell a product ah? I can only answer: pure Shanghai dragon ranking past. Ranking can have what use? The user entered, find that your website is a typical dumpster, users will have the desire to buy it? So, the site itself is a key, combine the website itself construction and Shanghai Longfeng, both can have ranking, also can get the conversion rate of play to the extreme, such Shanghai dragon is suitable for the new era.

third: improve the innovative thinking, study on new techniques of Shanghai dragon

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