The website to win at the starting line anchor text creation method

buddy website at least a few precise words like this, in order to enhance the precision of word ranking, put the anchor text to do, not only do the anchor text a precise words, the precise words also made other anchor text out, so as to prevent the anchor text. Single, lift the weight of the website, Why not??

chain is the most important to diversity, such as the now review software, a person you say those who believe certainly less, but a lot of people to say this thing is good, then I don’t believe this thing is not good. Buddies do when the anchor text of the chain to do so, the cat often go to A5 webmaster walk, if the kitten articles are published in A5’s words, "


anchor text

anchor text keywords set

The diversity of

after the kitten concluded that anchor text does not need to be too long, the site should be in accordance with the precise words, often precise words is not long, are very refined words. Generally, the anchor text is equivalent to a precise words, up to two accurate words, many are not so good. Don’t think the anchor text can take all the keywords, we take the website is accurate, not the size of grabbed, caught the precise words done first, your website is half done.

kitten today to share some things about the anchor text, buddies know, anchor text plays an important role in the optimization of the keywords, anchor text links how to do these outside the station to your site with weight? The cat put some small experience to share, love the small partners can go to try, do not love the cat did not care, after all, is a cat to share it, and believe it or not, with or without that buddy my own things.

kitten to do "Shanghai dragon optimization" of the word, to the precise positioning of the word, not impurity related content or statement. Like a buddy in a platform text, sent an article about the optimization of soft, and can bring a link anchor text "Shanghai dragon optimization", then don’t write "Shanghai dragon do optimization", this issue, we need to do is "Shanghai dragon optimization" this word, in front of or behind without any words.

website to win at the starting line when the name is Kitty wrote yesterday, suddenly think of, so the cat will put this as the name of a column to continue to write down, as long as it is on the site optimization problem, the cat will be marked with the name, hope that the webmaster buddy can pay attention to this program, optimization of knowledge learn more and better, make your site traffic like a small rocket as the rapid rise of Tencent. Well, not much gossip said, cat daily vernacular, go

The diversity of The The length of the anchor text control

released the anchor textThe

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