Why do the site has been optimized or not

1. website structure is not set up, leading to the search engine can not very good recognition site quality.

want to do website, Xiao Bian believes that in addition to do a comprehensive optimization, attention should also be paid to web based construction, make the high quality content, meet the user experience of the website is the most popular search engine.

article from andakang water purifier (贵族宝贝andakang贵族宝贝/) Shanghai dragon Er, please indicate, a lot of places do not consider, for reference only.

three (Title, Description, Keyword tags), keywords layout, the structure of the station building, breadcrumbs, 301 pages, 404 pages, Robots, sitemap map, station building, standing outside the chain of content and so on, and will be used in the master site, this is the most basic work to do a good website Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon Er is also an important guarantee to optimize the site.

and ER are in a lot of Shanghai Longfeng site in doing these steps, the optimization is based on these data, why some do very well, but some still not what

is exactly the same as the production enterprises, making the same product, the result is good and bad, this is because between both the production process or the effort, efforts are not the same. The same site, although all optimization methods are done very comprehensive, but if the content does not have any practical, without any help to the user, this website will be the default search engine for the rubbish site, nature will not give good rankings.

Great oaks from little acorns grow., a site if there is no pre lay a good foundation, regardless of the late optimization do good can not be as steady as Mount Tai.

2. although all the work is very comprehensive, but not recognized by

in quality The overall structure of ranking? The overall optimization of

to search engines, each page of the website as long as the address is different, the one and only, to build every page also need to follow up with other characteristics, not exactly the same page, repeat the page does not have any significance for optimization.

Xiao Bian believes that the optimization methods are done, but the ranking is still not effective, most likely only two.

want to do website, must stand in the point of view of search engine website need to show the characteristics of industry (except medical industry), making the tree structure of navigation, do static processing on every page, between the columns and page level should not be too deep, the general business station through two clicks to instantly search page the information station, or store a maximum of not more than four clicks. This is to ensure that the search engine can identify and capture the security advisory station.

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