Website optimization is the highest realm from search engine

The true

website optimization should be comprehensive, not only do rankings so simple. For example, the rich content of the website, the security and stability of operation, good open speed etc.. If the website construction and website optimization is based on search engine rankings, inevitably leave suspected of cheating. Not only the search rankings for the purpose is not to say that is not the purpose of the search rankings. In the implementation of the website construction and optimization of the process, should take into account the search engine technology standard. For example, as little as possible with pictures and FLASH and JS effects, because search engines are not recognized, more important is the animation and pictures and some new technologies, such as Ajax, jQuery and other sites will delay loading, is not conducive to the search spiders crawl the page.

two, by the users love website is the real quality of website

in fact, search the spider is also a common.

search engines love what kind of website? Hope independent two, original content rich site, because the search requires huge amounts of information to meet the needs of every search. If the website content rich and colorful, even if not only ranking, as long as long as meeting website ranking. This is reflected in the Google above is obvious, because we are professional website construction company, is part of the customer site for one or two years, but there have been new content updates, the site didn’t do optimization, ranking the very front. But even if part of the site to do a lot of optimization, but the same ranking by comparison, believe that the search engine according to the natural search results can be used to determine which sites only for ranking and malicious optimization.

website construction and website optimization goal is to effectively assist the sales, and website ranking is only a means. Imagine a no content can not deliver effective information website, is easy to be ranked customer retrieval to the very front, what is the significance? A website search engine ranking method is show the website or means, but more important is the content. And the website construction and website optimization of the highest level, is gradually forgotten the search engine, the host from the rankings, really hard to provide users with quality rich content.

whether companies or individuals, the vast majority of Web site optimization, hoping to get a good ranking in the search engine. The website ranking, can not only expand the visibility, can also increase sales promotion expenses, even to save the other channel. So there is website optimization this term, also produced a special website optimization and occupation team. It should be said that we work together to jointly promote the progress of the search engine technology is a good thing. But in reality, we see the phenomenon is that many website construction and website optimization practitioners, only in the eyes of search engine ranking, website will get no readability. There are many websites in order to obtain the website ranking, using the method of cheating and so have use unscrupulous divisive tactics, a serious violation of the search engine in mind.

, not only for the purpose of optimization is more favored by a search engine

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