The high quality of the chain of the chain 2016 user recognition participation and recommendation

introduces some basic situations over the site, below and share the chain structure of Changzhou Shanghai dragon website:

, followed by a sentence, "the love sea trust only in small range and high quality of the chain", the meaning is very obvious, the love of Shanghai recognized only to meet the requirements of the high quality of the chain. Although the abolition of the chain to tools, but most of the invalid, garbage outside chain can basically distinguish intelligent.

know the chain does still exist, love Shanghai for high quality the chain still has an effect on weight, ranking, then we Shanghai dragon Er have to face a problem, what is the high quality of the chain? Love Shanghai meet requirements of high quality chain do? This is the Xuan brother with you today share content.


The chain structure of


then analysis structure of a construction site outside the chain, the chain construction of different methods can be classified, such as the chain, manual release of the soft release > submission

website: website after a year of decadence, a year did not update the content, which in October to December for a long time due to space cooperation, not open the site, rankings, traffic is not essential. Re open space in the middle of December, return to normal browse.

When the

hyperlink algorithm upgrade

The basic situation of the

we can first look at the announcement of hyperlink algorithm upgrade in the end what to do:

writes very clearly, "search engines" refers to attract spider; "hyperlink weight calculation" is to increase website weight, improve the ranking. The role of the chain still exist, so that the chain has no effect of the view is obviously wrong.

in the web site outside the chain of Xuan brother construction work is also pay attention to the same site outside the chain volume control and the diversity of the chain platform comparison. The chain is too concentrated to a platform is very easy to cause a fatal blow to the site.

Of course, the

in accordance with the above situation, the fact that the site is to restore the rankings, need to do a lot of effort. But because of the chain, the elder brother Xuan website original content is still open for a week, recovery after the website ranking, and return to the home page.

on the site with the structure of the chain are analyzed to summarize the mystery of the high quality of the chain:

this year, buddies have a lot of questions about the chain construction site. Since the release of Shanghai love hyperlink algorithm upgrade announcement, see a lot of Shanghai Dragon God for the chain of the rankings effect more as a personal webmaster, carefully conceal mentioning, everyone in the chain view each one sticks to his argument. As the high quality of the chain, the chain chain function, the influence of the rankings and so on. The forum is very warm.

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