Analysis on the effect of the user experience is the three method

users access to the site is the most important to find the information they are interested in, and hope for the website to improve the user experience, so we should try to meet the needs of users. What information the user can feel valuable, which requires the analysis of website user group, such as the type of joke website, you want to improve the user experience, we must first provide quality jokes material, it is best to let each user laugh, so that it can meet the demand to the user, and then use will feel this information is useful, have a certain value, naturally interested in site, then the PV value of the site is enhanced. So, the user demand is commonly known as the content of interest to the user, as long as hard to grasp this point, we can effectively improve the user experience.

only the site has a good user experience, in order to make all the other factors increased significantly, as the weights, the user experience is good for both of which have a direct impact, but also the most important influence. We haven’t seen a bad user experience of the website has high ranking, this influence is the user experience. So, user experience good site will get a good ranking, the ranking is not necessarily have good user experience, if can stable ranking months naturally can determine the website user experience is good. The search engine or the pursuit of the user experience, if not clear boundaries determine the user experience of the pursuit of what? Today the author analysis the user experience is mainly reflected in what areas:

three, users spontaneously join

two, users find the idea of

promotion ranks to solve the problem on the site

, a user to find valuable information on the website

sometimes users search problem is not as long as the answer, but more is needed to solve the problems, as previously mentioned, valuable information will only exist in the user preferences, and users can’t bring him into their knowledge. Then a deeper layer is provided to the user by means of some of the ideas, content users can do other effects. This is the best, of course, is not easy to do this. Relatively speaking, it is quite difficult, but the effect is the best, therefore, to improve the user experience, this is the most effective method is the most lasting.

has a good user experience of the website of course is very popular, like some of the more well-known website, the website promotion can say is to let users spontaneously join to help the promotion, when I find a good article, most users will naturally have to share it with friends and colleagues. This is a good user experience the benefits, but the general website wants to achieve such a state may be a bit difficult, after all, provide a good user experience and not to say so you can do it, and a good user experience to make web development easier, after all, to let the user with the promotion, as evidenced by the website for >

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