CNZZ how to see Through the statistical tools to do data analysis optimization and mining

we have many old visitors? Website attractive, users only to visit a web site? How long can readers on our website? These data can reflect the reader on our website for the degree of attention and loyalty from the side. If the site often average access time of less than one minute, so webmaster really the reflection. Generally speaking, the above three issues are positively related to the old, less visitors also means that many people only go once and never come back, also means that the readers in the web site to see how long. The collection station or do Shanghai dragon’s website, the data of no great importance for a personal blog site, these data basically determines the future of the web site.

website user experience

site search word data to do search engine optimization of Shanghai dragon


every day to see many webmaster website statistics (cnzz statistics, statistics, Shanghai love 51), I believe that most people only see the number of browsing websites "(PV)", "unique visitors (UV)", "source domain", "search term" about these data. These things are just a superficial overview. Statistical data contains something far more than these, do some deep data mining is helpful to the webmaster do website promotion, Shanghai Phoenix operation. Zhu Haitao here to cnzz as a case to analyze by statistical tools we can dig up and we can use. The following screenshot is network operation data to make analysis of the school to do the case, because the time is near the brush flow, not as a real reference data.

"population value" is a new column near. Zhu Haitao could not decide whether the data is accurate, do not know how such a detailed statistics statistical data. From another point of view, if we look at the statistics, is sure to believe the authenticity of the data. The data and the original data is generally different, should be deep data using a large data cloud finally dig out. Assuming the cnzz cloud computing has evolved quite strong, so the crowd "value" of the data is a lot of gospel. Through the analysis of website users, webmasters can carry out marketing activities.

is my personal antipathy to do search engine optimization and to write a lot of nonsense articles, if in order to optimize the optimization, we can obtain the user traffic, lost. According to the features of search engines do some logical optimization is necessary. Through data statistical tools, we can see the traffic last month each big search engine brings us every day and change the search term. If you find a keyword to bring traffic dropped suddenly, we need to query the keywords ranking, and increase the number of links to articles containing the keywords. If we can write the valuable articles, but also around the key words to write a topic.

The value brought by

"population data value"

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