Analysis of Shanghai love weight calculation method and new ideas to improve the weight

website speed, love Shanghai snapshot of the date, the number of the chain and so on. These have a certain influence, but in my analysis has little effect.

we begin to understand the love of Shanghai is how to calculate the weight.

said in addition to other data to flow to love Shanghai weight without any effect, I again on the two map

Hello, I am Jun Shanghai dragon Er, today to share with you a new station to a short time to improve the sea love weight value, so that your web site keywords ranking, also can change to more quality Links.

original content, basic station optimization, the construction of the chain and so on but many say, mainly about some new ideas to improve the weight.

according to the final flow value to estimate your love Shanghai weight, we first look at the data figure:

more than two figure cases are domain name age more than 7 years old, so obviously it can be found that the most important factors affecting Shanghai love weight is estimated flow, other data has no effect, in order not to occupy the space, I probably give a ratio:

flow 500-1000 love Shanghai weight is 3,

For example,


analysis from Figure 1, we can see that as long as the flow rate exceeded 0, Shanghai love weight will rise to 1.

in my opinion, because Shanghai is estimated from the weighted value of love, love is not the official data of Shanghai, so the main source of the estimate is "love Shanghai index". What do you mean? If your site keywords is the choice of "image design", while the word love Shanghai index is around 440, your website ranking in the first estimate of your traffic is 200~300, second is 100~200, and so on, and your website usually cannot have only one word you will also rank, calculate other keywords love Shanghai index and your website ranking, finally calculate the flow about your value.

: we found love, Shanghai traffic breakthrough 100 love Shanghai weight can reach 2, more than two of the figure included snapshot in Figure 2 is very general, and the chain of Figure 1 is much more than a dozen, so I said above included snapshot, and the chain is very small to love Shanghai weight effect.


flow 1>

100-500 flow of love between Shanghai weight is 2,


Figure 2

flow 0-100 love Shanghai weight is 1,

Figure 1:


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