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site optimization seems to fall into a vicious circle, in order to optimize and optimize the amount of competition, let many people ignore the presence of details. However, although the name of the search engine optimization, although the aim is to get an ideal ranking, but from the quality of website itself, the ranking is ignored. Therefore, the earlier article "site optimization real object should be the website rather than the search engine".

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what kind of website is a health website? Health website reflected in many details, such as the choice of the domain name, host stability, code layout is reasonable or not, and how to link and so on. We give an example, many people are aware of the core site optimization is the content and links, but not knowing that the original is the link, there is also great knowledge. Due to space limitations of the inconvenience, but the original building links around the site theme of writing, is the biggest details. This is why many websites, although there are a lot of content although there are a large number of links, rankings still tepid. Peep know the whole picture, comes from the details, the details embodied in the website construction and optimization aspects.


how to make your own website, have a good ranking in the search engine, has become more and more enterprises pay close attention to the problem. Although willing and somewhat, many companies or professional website construction and website optimization, website optimization need to know the direction, but the same words, the ideal position is just 35, ranking is not a simple thing. How can one make a difference? The answer is still on the site itself, because for optimization, although the content is the fundamental link is also indispensable, but as long as you have enough resources, both of which can be imitated and beyond. Only the site itself is the search engine ranking and ultimately winning the core competitiveness. Unfortunately, the quality of the site itself, that is we often say that the station optimization and, but ignored by many people, Shanghai website construction company pilot technology, one in the sub healthy state website, no matter how difficult to obtain lasting ideal ranking.

website can be compared to three or four years ago, to the demanding exquisite design and perfect function, more and more enterprises are now clearly put forward the marketing demand. Along with the in-depth application of multi-level WEB2.0 network marketing, but also a variety of ways, search engine marketing as one of the most direct and effective way, nature is recognized and used by more and more. Narrow the search engine marketing has two forms, one is the official from the search engine ranking promotion, direct purchase of keywords can be simple and quick. But the high cost of marketing, unpredictable bidding mode, so many companies are quite helpless and even riding a tiger; another is the site optimization for search engine, although no keyword advertising so quick results, but its low input effect lasting popular welcome small and medium sized enterprises.

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