Don’t be love Shanghai ranking affected the normal ups and downs website update

can understand the station early kind of tension, when the new site, love Shanghai, snapshot date, ranking changes, I do Wuhan Shanghai love the words, are in high concentration of excited period for several months to write soft article every day, the chain, an average of ten website update article one day, and every article must carefully pseudo original, included the highest point reaching more than 2000, to manually update the website should be passable. Later, the lesson is very high love Shanghai pseudo original judgment ability, the article page was collected, and then was a little cut, after several updates, it is reduced to 1/10 of the original, a flesh is very painful, cut to later, cutting the cutting habit up until now, occasionally focus on the ranking, Links is not checked every day.

love is nothing more than the Shanghai update included with the snapshot date, as a webmaster, should do is to do a good job, and we can not go to the snapshot collection control, but we can influence the website traffic and its content, rely on this to improve the site popularity, the adhesion of the user. We don’t love Shanghai affected the mood, scold can vent, but do not affect the normal update site.

2. is trying to attract traffic, some brothers asked.

just began to stand, a day to check a few times Links, slightly found a link to each other does not immediately notify others, asked about the situation, now ten and a half months to check the time, change links less diligent. As long as the ranking is still too, regardless of the details of the past. Shanghai dragon is a detailed work, keyword density, arrangement of frame structure are technical things, but now as long as the chain is enough, even the very "garbage can in a row on the front of the position, the rules are formulated, there is a violation of the rules, is to avoid. The business circle of Shanghai Longfeng contest is not a good example, as long as the chain is strong, update what are the clouds, as do a good ranking.

1. to update the website, pseudo original good, Guo Yeye think the pseudo original is more suitable for the collection site, not suitable for blog and website, there have been a bloody lesson, if not every day a large number of false original update, the late love Shanghai K will be very sad.

A5 Forum recently many brothers love Shanghai update metamorphosis, ranking is very confusing, love Shanghai update not through the brain…… Love Shanghai update was not through the brain, but through the computer, if it is to love Shanghai through human ranking, estimate the webmaster to drink the northwest wind. I do stand for more than a year, the main content of the site is love Shanghai promotion, network promotion and a basketball blog ranking can also be experienced while Shanghai ranked love ups and downs, is relatively insignificant. Love is like Shanghai, ranked the frustration, desperately scold love Shanghai, as Shanghai finished scold back to love this ranking, people life ah.

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