Blog optimization specification notes

(a) ad optimization specification

4, in the article headings are shown in bold, bold conclusion and key points of important settings. This article must have labels, tags must have corresponding alias.

(two) article editing optimization specification

had his head, hang a lot of love for Shanghai alliance advertising in his blog, topic description, theme, theme link suspension, these three types of advertising with my blog, seriously affecting the blog reading experience. In thinking about the positioning of their own blog, I removed all the advertising theme suspension, especially the side bar suspended advertising, suddenly becomes a refreshing interface.

search engine optimization is a need to adhere to, assiduously to technology, there are three basic points: high quality original + quality + Chain update. Because of their search engine optimization is the entry stage, just a simple optimization.

3, the picture will be centered, but not at the beginning, put pictures. Third party reference pictures to indicate the source.

blog "fell in love with the sea under the environment of network alliance advertising techniques" the introduction, by the end of the rectangular ads placed the highest degree of concern, while ensuring the reading experience. If it is placed by the banner ads, in the middle of the highest degree of concern, but the reading experience. The blog optimization should stand in the point of view of the readers to consider.

, this is a very important point is the key to the layout in the edit window, the second line of the first button set.


(three) search engine optimization specification

1, in his article pasted to the WordPress editor, select paste text, all of the start of the paragraph is not empty two, because the editor generated article paragraph automatic two case.


the last few days Qingming holiday, more free time, so learn from many well-known blog articles, combined with his own personal thoughts, improved and optimized to a certain extent on the blog.

as deeply influenced by office word, for the use of WordPress comes with the TinyMCE editor is used as word. Recently it was discovered that he has been using the wrong cause, I post layout is very ugly. It’s not too late, but I rarely post now, busy last night until two in the morning, the post has been edited, summed up the following points:

blog advertising is now preserved in the three position, the end of two, a side bar. The text ads from the original blog like the moon at the beginning of the end of the article on the left to. The advertisement position becomes larger, in order to improve the degree of concern.

According to the Lu Songsong

2, with a blank line, each paragraph tag level set to

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