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three, the site construction chain is anxious. The site construction, love Shanghai included more or less there will be a period of study, unless you love the Shanghai auction at the beginning, this period you need not to update the content (updated website and keywords relevant article is essential, especially the early site, the original article is very important, the best regular update update one day, a few, until love Shanghai included normal and stable, can be adjusted after the update cycle), in addition, on the chain to avoid anxious, the chain group that spurned the low quality of the mail is a risk of a new station. And the quality is not high, no weight. It is best to high quality soft Wen form, and reprint.

believes that part of the Shanghai dragon ER may be some problems, many Shanghai dragon Er practitioners will inevitably experience running from the station to the site, the first is the construction of the site itself, including the optimization of Shanghai dragon. But the network promotion, the chain has some doubts, the website did not record or not the content of the website construction, whether in advance of the web site address submitted to the search engine. At the same time, the increase of the chain work correctly. Here are some suggestions to some new webmaster.


summary: This is some suggestions during the construction of the princess is a station of the railway station, we do not know whether you have the same feeling, Shanghai dragon itself is a chronic optimization work, down-to-earth to do every step will have a certain effect, but often reversed or anxious Yu Qiucheng might be punished, so The loss outweighs the gain. This article from the Shenzhen soft ship training base www.ruanjsx贵族宝贝 please indicate the source. QQ:10253476254

site is not established, but the domain name has been confirmed, whether can submit search engine. Before I tried, but the effect is not obvious, precisely, a shell website submitted to the search engines, has found a spider crawling website does not have what substance, to some extent this will cause a bad impression. Even if the snapshot of your home page (if you first complete the home page, but the spider will make) according to the home page link in the page, but the page does not exist what content to the search engine a misunderstanding to a large extent, this is an abandoned site. Besides, the user enters the web page by keywords and did not see what good content, have a sense of being cheated on this site, which greatly reduces the user experience.

, a website construction period, firstly we should focus on the construction site of Shanghai Longfeng itself, and can also communicate programmer website itself, it is more important for Shanghai Longfeng optimization, including website link structure planning, URl path design, page layout, Title Design, meta label design, site map design, other Shanghai Dragon the factors, as far as possible to consider user experience of the website.

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