How do the site keywords ranking stability

fourth: do not handle a large number of Links, we all know that search engine is not normal there will be a lot of stand down the right, as soon as possible.

third: don’t go to a large area of fluctuating revision, especially to modify the title of the site, do not do this, you will do the ranking is even worse, don’t make a revision to the internal structure, try to stay the same, the home page keywords anchor text point and density have the appropriate fine-tuning, I stand because the adjustment of anchor point and key words, cause now included is not normal, see screenshot

second: external links, external links to a key role in the site’s ranking to external links is not, in essence, not because of the decline in ranking, to buy links, using the software one day jumped hundreds, or even thousands, then you must be in the search engine ranking drop adjustment we do, adhere to the normal external links on the line, can be appropriate to do some more, but I suggest not to use software, is more a few blog posts, reprinted several blog, it’s OK, my website, when ranking down, I will publish an article in the A5 platform a high quality, some, once included, then reproduced is very natural, a lot of the station will bring me the link, so the chain, the weight is very high, a few days can restore the basic ranking Complex.

Hello, I am Harbin actual web design, has recently been looking at you that love Shanghai 6.22 and 6.28 events, in fact, I personally think that love Shanghai adjustment is in order to better browsing experience, those by means of cheating and not dispute a website optimization, to a certain extent does make the network chaos now, let us have a normal PPC optimized website lost a lot of market, plus the brush ranking, and makes some of the sites ran to the front, does make us very uncomfortable, but this is the competition of the market, you also have the ability to do, you have to brush, ha ha, we may only go so comfort myself, I don’t feel this to me what effect, because the network is just one of my business channels, of course, can have a good ranking the best, after this burst transfer The whole, I feel my ranking can still, it has a great relationship and I usually try to stable, I also share with you, my heart.

look, the title is direct words, this is my site is the old station, if the new station, directly K off, very dangerous ah.

: first to stabilize the good rankings, must have a reasonable site structure and optimization methods, such as the first page of the anchor text set, not too much, there are a few on the line, try to moderate the keyword density, the basic optimization, I think it is reasonable to optimize, don’t use the edge optimization the search engine, once the adjustment, it must have a great impact, so the appropriate optimization is the best way to optimize.


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