According to the core keywords optimized strategy analysis of Shanghai Dragon

two core optimization strategy of

3: the home page columns on as much as possible some target keywords, such as the lathe for example, such as increased several columns is Beijing Beijing lathe lathe knowledge, price and so on, so as to enhance the weight of home page


1: first.

Enterprise Station

5: add a new column, such as the establishment of a two level directory of the blog or BBS, depending on your industry, choose a different way, must choose the two directory, do not use the two level domain, and then use the anchor text keywords do the Lord of the domain name, the part of the purpose is to release some keywords and target related content, make the content inside more relevant keywords and target keywords to anchor text to the home page, usually on the same page target keywords inside, just add a anchor text on the line, not too much

: a core keyword optimization strategy of

station traffic traffic!

4: in the bottom of the website and the footer of a line that also want to add the target keywords, and can also use these keywords do link to the target page, each page footer should be the same, so you can make web page can transfer to the home page, do not appear dead, help the search engine the spider crawling smoothly on the website


1: the enterprise station will usually have two to three words as the core keywords, is usually associated with the company’s products, before optimization must be combined with a love of Shanghai index, to analyze these words the degree of competition, or through these words in love inside the Shanghai search, if you do a lot of PPC then, the word of the competition is very big, is very difficult to do on the home page, so it is necessary to display in the core keywords choice, through the analysis of the long tail words to obtain competitive advantage! The future is also easier to obtain accurate

6: the establishment of long tail keywords network strong through the release of relevant content, usually Shanghai dragon is to test the patience of the article, published a few long tail words every day, can effectively improve the site traffic conversion rate, the turnover rate is usually the enterprise station to complete through the long tail word

! ! !Keywords:

each site will have a keyword, the keyword is the core keywords we usually say, for the optimization of the key words is usually the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the core content, our purpose is to enhance the core keywords in the site’s ranking, we will face under the optimization strategy of two important types of web core keywords the overview of


2: if the enterprise website is the goal of the main marketing areas, so it can increase the area in the main keywords, for example, you have to do is lathe keywords, and marketing target is Beijing, then you can use the word Beijing lathe as keywords, thereby greatly reducing the difficulty of the competition at the same time. The conversion rate will increase the number of

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