mprove the keyword density of reasonable ranking let you fly

title plays a very important role in the site, in the early years of the search engine can discharge the website to love Shanghai home, only through the title and description title in Shanghai love as can be imagined, the weight of how high, so we can use the title to increase keyword density, specific keyword + written as follows: the long tail keyword + company name, the title is not too long, the content you want to express express can be described! Now for the search engine than not so important, but it will be displayed in the search engine, and then write well, describe the way is to use a simple sentence, to express our service can add keywords, in the description you don’t remember, keyword and description of keyword stuffing, the consequences of this is K

‘s head is also very important in the search engine, here the author suggests that we can put ourselves on the top keyword in the website, and bold, link, if you can use CSS H1 label, so, love Shanghai at the same time to grab the net station, the first crawl is our key, this not only improve our website keyword density, is also the site of the center of the expression of

2 website:

each Shanghai dragon’s website has news pages, then use the keyword density of news on the website of the ranking is also very good, but we have to remember that not large area appear keywords, so it is easy to cause the love Shanghai suspicion, reasonable control keywords layout, good for website optimization.

keyword is the key in Shanghai Longfeng, especially for the keyword rankings, reasonable layout and improve the keyword density, in the invisible for keyword ranking points, then the keyword density of what is the use? Love Shanghai had raised in the webmaster guidelines, keyword density is to tell the search engine in the web site, the word is very important, this is the center of our website through these words, let the search engine think your site keyword is it, so as to improve the keywords ranking, but we do in Shanghai dragon and Phoenix optimization, do not try to highlight the key, do not use black hat Shanghai dragon means the keyword, malicious stack, this will only make your site search engine antipathy, so how to improve the keyword density? < / P>

3, at the bottom of the site:

more clearly!

, head of


4, news section:

1, the title and Description:

! The !

at the bottom of the site you also don’t underestimate, because the bottom of the sites we usually placed some copyright, contact information, company address what, then in the bottom of the website, we also do and not the same keywords, but also virtually for keywords ranking is

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