Keywords expand your target keywords how to expand your keyword list


keyword synonym, synonym search keywords, let you dig out useful phrases and terms, similar to your original list, it can be particularly useful for long tail keywords, if you want to familiarize yourself with the brand new market.

keyword expansion and why is it important?

website, can find a competitor’s website and your website is highly correlated, the competitor’s website is an important source of your access to your site keywords inspiration and ideas. There are several ways to get good keywords from the competitor’s website:


on the semantic related keywords, which is another way you can increase the number of keywords, it relates to the initial keyword original list of your target keywords, because all search engines can make semantic analysis. So semantic related keywords can also bring you the target customers.

website ranking, keyword selection determines the rate of return on your investment. Therefore, we should do the next stage positioning is the key word, called "keyword expansion".

In view of how to do the tools and strategies for your keyword list.A competitor to the Study on the What is the ?

Shanghai dragon breeds success expectations more and new objectives, it can let you grasp your target customers, this means that can bring you more traffic, more opportunities, more, more, more… So, what is your next move?

uses the Google keyword tool: the majority of Shanghai dragon ER using Google keyword tool to obtain the initial list of keywords for the website keyword list. Many people will add the competition domain in the tool, so the list of keywords extraction from its competitors in the web site.

explore the competitor’s website: search around the competition site. Look at the key words may be hidden pages, such as some of the resources, part of the solution, part of the vocabulary, HTML site map matching anchor footer link. Also looking for products and services of the web page title tag.

love Shanghai related search, this is a very effective way to expand the search for relevant keywords below you can find the search keyword related.

I think most of the webmaster will envy others website all the keywords ranking really well, our goal is to do when you start to perform search engine optimization, your efforts can be rewarded. The best return of keywords ranking.

keyword expansion is aiming for the new keywords, find potential untapped vertical search keywords. In some cases, improve the initial keyword research for you, so you can find more potential target customers. So, you can find these new keywords where


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