English website promotion video Unruly Media financing 25 million

January 4th news, according to foreign media reports, Google in the browser to "buy the Gunners" behavior of the British website promotion video Unruly Media recently announced funding for 25 million dollars in venture capital company social video advertising.

This round of financing

Torch Partners and Orrick law firm, and Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP has reviewed the financing. (Fei Ning

‘s investors include venture capital firm Amadeus Capital Partners, Van den Ende & Deitmers Growth Fund; and Business, as well as five banks invested $3 million 890 thousand. It is reported that the funds raised will be used to promote social video advertising.


is headquartered in London Unrully owns 100 employees in 9 offices, has planned more than 1400 commercial promotion video. Including mobile operators T-Mobile "life lies in sharing" and "Evian Roller Babies", the company uses RAMP platform and the Viral Video Chart website to promote business, it announced that since 2009 has been profitable, 2011 Annual Revenue of about $25 million.

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