A business website should choose a few key words


mentioned above is mainly aimed at companies make products more, and are competitive, so it’s time to pay attention to "optimize a large flow of words is better than optimizing multiple flow of small words much better"

An enterprise !Now the cycle optimization of

in this case, can only choose one, for example, only "what to eat", around the word to do things that make the optimization becomes very simple, the site layout will be key words a lot easier, and, in a word to do the optimization, will choose the relatively large flow the effect is certainly better than words, optimize multiple flow of small words better! This is in line with the "small is beautiful" strategy


, arranged a keyword is not for a word to do, but for a product! For example: now the three words "what to eat, what to buy clothes, what movies, listen to what song, if at the same time on the four keywords needle, I think a website is not what hope.. Think about how much of an enterprise website can appear in the place, these four words and words have no way to layout


website to set a few keywords the most appropriate? Most enterprises do website optimization when they want to do a website, then put all product names are arranged on the website. In fact, this is a misunderstanding, a web page is only so big, not to mention a business website home page will have a lot of pictures of products occupy a large position, left key arrangement where fewer

will often encounter this kind of situation, in the enterprise website optimization such as: are you going to do two main keywords "performances, celebration of the company", for three months do, optimize the company will not do, because these two words too hot, three months there is no guarantee that the only! Consider other keywords, such as "Shijiazhuang area performance company, Shijiazhuang Festival", so that it can ensure the ranking within a specified time. However, if the optimization effect, certainly not alone "the performance optimization company", to the large flow, good effect.

!One thing to note here that

website optimization is generally about three months, in fact, a website for a word to do the optimization, then three – four months can be almost a moderate competition degree of the word do go up, but if a site layout of a number of key words there are only two choices: one is to choose the degree of competition at the end of the term to do optimization, it will be the optimization effect of discount, the income will be reduced a lot; another is to need more time and energy to optimize, so a short time can not see the effect, and increase the difficulty of

then, when the enterprise website optimization will encounter another situation, is the product of competitive enterprises to do a small, but also many products, at this time do not have to worry about the simultaneous optimization of several key problems. But in general a website optimization keywords not more than three, after all is.

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