The role of the breadcrumb navigation Shanghai Dragon

the bread crumbs site navigation structure is clear, the user browsing a page, know their location, convenient user returns to the parent directory or click into the lower directory. For example, the three layer of breadcrumbs, users can easily browse the content page, column page and return the website home page, users can return to the home page or column page click into the next layer of content page, greatly improves the user experience of reading, let users browse the site more clear, more efficient browsing.

bread crumbs

1, convenient search engine returns a directory or directory into the next layer.

The position of the

the bread crumbs navigation structure not only improves the web user experience, easy to read, but also improve the efficiency of search engines crawl, let the search engines more efficient, very large in Shanghai Longfeng keyword ranking role. >

a breadcrumb structure effect on the user

2, convenient search engines crawl depth and the.

5, the navigation can build complex web site link structure perfect, convenient search engine through a page, access to any other page.

4, URL is more clear and distinct, the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, website ranking is very helpful.

3, the search engine will be based on different levels of navigation, give different rankings.

what is the breadcrumb navigation: the crumbs are like bread layers, from the outside to the inside of a layer, breadcrumb navigation structure is like a layer like bread. For example, the current location: home > love Shanghai love Shanghai > optimization ranking algorithm; pay more attention to the user behavior, which is commonly used in the three layer structure of the breadcrumb navigation, is the most commonly used breadcrumb structure. This paper mainly talk about the crumbs site navigation structure of Shanghai dragon.

site navigation level not too detailed, classification is also not too much, too much refinement increases the breadcrumb navigation depth, resulting in excessive classification of each layer is too many, not by the user through the navigation to choose the content, increase the user’s search time, is not conducive to improve the user experience.


site uses points crumbs style navigation structure, each level navigation meaningful, users can determine the different levels of content through different levels, especially the level of deep navigation, the user can determine the different levels of content through the navigation levels of meaning, and then decide what level of access to the page.

usually appear in the page on the left or right upper part, and is mainly on the following content area or navigation.

points crumbs style structure

a breadcrumb structure of Shanghai Dragon

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