The website of Shanghai dragon is writing the hair of the chain

these three phenomena, then.

chat and friends many times, I say is Shanghai dragon, they say, "I know, I know, is to write an article, send post". Every time you hear the words, I would like to explain a few words, but not to have one explanation, in a word, you don’t know enough to do a lot of friends! Shanghai Longfeng estimates are beginning to do the chain commissioner or editors come now, this class is for Shanghai dragon there is some basic knowledge, but it is to write Shanghai Longfeng post? If you just such an understanding, it is also possible that you are indeed doing these work, you may also have senior web site optimization is very good, you can write down the next. The chain.


well, we are said to write things, we all know that Shanghai dragon is to users to search our content, most of the time, our website content itself is not very good, false original article, collected during flooding, before we say that the website content is to look to the search engines therefore, for a period of time, basically all of the sites are so dry, but it is not obvious. There is no doubt about the importance of original, not only to the original, but also valuable. Write an article on the need to be able to do real help to the user, otherwise still like to find an article online, and then their original artifacts or change the two end segment. This article will have three kinds of phenomena:

second is the article was collected, but the site’s ranking has been on the go;

is the first love of Shanghai included, but after a few days has been deleted, website article into the two state audit;

every time someone asked me, you do what exactly is Shanghai dragon, well, meet you, is to write a post meeting? Suddenly said, also seems to like these things, but think about it, we still have a lot to do, but here I will not elaborate on all the work. To talk about post and write these two things! I can proudly say, Shanghai dragon is a complex and delicate work, that is simple, but the success of a site optimization to the first page, the only real optimization many people know which station process, unless you are not independent operation optimization and promotion of a website. The success of the website of Shanghai Longfeng involves the construction layout and website brand positioning and other aspects, if the Shanghai dragon really so simple, so love Shanghai home was your website? Also talk about a common problem, search engine is the rejection of Shanghai dragon, but does not mean rejection we will not be able to make your site more search engine like in a certain range, how to avoid the search engine’s rejection, is tricky!

third, the ranking is up, flow, but after the customer into the site didn’t find anything of value left again.

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