Three details of the original article writing ideas to share

second, in writing before our best intentions to study the works of others. Many times you are limited by your thoughts, when you still can not open their idea of writing time, may wish to go to the webmaster website or forum to read the works of others, to see someone writing ideas and inspiration come from, don’t forget to think of time reading the article, if he wrote where should people start? The idea of writing is very unique, not why I never thought of that? By reading a lot, your thoughts will be open, this time in Jingxiaxinlai thinking and planning their own writing ideas very easily.

actually I think when we are original, may not start, there may be some ambiguity, or perhaps in many places is not rigorous. First we do not seek to write how good, as long as you are not afraid of trouble, remove the heart of this obstacle, bold first step, make up a word, in fact, in the process of writing, you will find yourself writing is not so difficult, even if the writing is very general, but the green fruit is their labor income can’t you better cherish? So, I believe that the website of the original article writing, must not be afraid, after only the keyboard you can create better works.

as everyone knows, website optimization in the course of writing is every webmaster must master the knowledge and skills of the hungry, as a professional webmaster, we should not only be familiar with the promotion methods and strategies are common, the most critical part of the Shanghai dragon especially for the article writing is a basic skill that we must have, in this case next, a lot of people are suffering for writing, writing is also difficult to say actually not difficult or very simple key is how to deal with, well, we continued into the theme of short gossip, today three original article writing ideas of the way.

third, the writing is their own experience or experience. Whether it is written in the station optimization or "

released an article we should be more with their supervisor or colleagues, let others read your article, you look at the wording of what are the problems, these problems with the collation and summary, and then revise and adjust continuously, as far as possible to write a high quality to meet user needs the article, actually is the process of continuous review and summary of your learning process, continue to service existing problems, find the best embodiment of progress is the new problem.

first, write a waste of time trouble. Novice most afraid when writing is trouble, because the stem into the company, may for the company related business is not very familiar with, in this case, the belly without ink into very large head position, they are afraid of trouble because the original article is to write their own this headache. This time, began to pseudo original, in the manufacturing of Internet junk.


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