The nfo domain has been with the search engine

Shanghai dragon by me under the management of the site, confirmed this kind of speculation. I have several years after the new website,贵族宝贝,.Info, web content in nature, is a single page guest website based on Taobao. I’m the operation of the new mode is the same, are developed with their Taobao customer website, and then collected Taobao guest goods, to do some simple configuration, generally 10 minutes to complete a Taobao station building. Built after the completion of the first time went to a I have access to news website on soft, with links to news station due to the higher weight, and news source of search engine, so as long as my soft issue, basically is the soft seconds, with soft links second seconds.

the first group of software贵族宝贝 do according to the operation, everything goes smoothly, the search engine immediately seconds, and mass software keyword instant there is a ranking of more than 300. The second day operation of the second.Info domain name of the site, the site, the text is very smooth, soft seconds, but the site has indeed not included or not included, second days later, I was a little anxious, just in the same way and made a soft, or not included here, I started a little the reason is not the info domain name, not discouraged, immediately went to the two high weight forum made outside the chain, the result is not included here, I give up, only to do with other things and see what happens. A week after the operation I and a贵族宝贝 website, but also all smooth, second >

info domain name has been "cheap and plentiful", not only in the GoDaddy info domain name for $1.99 (RMB 13), for only贵族宝贝 domain price of 1/10, but also can apply to the name of rice is very short, I will apply for a short domain name four the letters used to do cosmetic surgery website, this short domain name in.Net,贵族宝贝,.Cn series has been applied to.

based on these advantages, so a lot of people do love are garbage station with info domain name, including the recent very scenery of the station group, basically uniform info domain name. But before people have always questioned the info domain name do content too much garbage, will not easily be search engine punishment. From the point of view, this question should not exist, one is to do the observation station by me, is a station group based on nb. But in the years after the Shanghai love big update after the start, the question never exist into reality, love in the sea after a big update obvious feature is the heavy blows to the station group as the representative of the dumpster, a lot of ranking just a standing up instantly be destroyed, is estimated to have their brother do station group losses, do stand up or to spend a lot of drops. Such a significant blow out performance is the info domain name, although not completely abandoned, but the love of Shanghai is definitely not the info when the main view, only a small concubine.

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