Three fix game flow station

traffic sites are on a large amount of content to support, although the name of the game up optimization can bring great flow, but because of so many people, natural to do it certainly is not so easy, good at digging into the long tail keywords webmaster key, and a reasonable layout to make it popular keywords on site title and navigation.

, to find a suitable template for

competitive low placed in columns and content, the fact that the site title weight is very high, can write popular words, although a little while not ranking, but the website weight rises slowly, will see the results, and we are not only those popular keywords bring traffic, also rely mainly on early long tail keywords content page to flow, with the increase of the content of the website and the weight of ascension, you will start to see more and more keywords appear site background. The key to mining to recommend a good tool: fly Ruda keywords mining tools.

station traffic station is clear, the website only flow to make money, have the power to do, in fact what sites are so, all cannot do without the support of traffic flow station! Do very hard, this is a relatively long period, the general needs of a large number of content, a large number of the chain. Support, and is not what traffic brought by advertising alliance income is very little, even some websites for several years are not up to the minimum requirements are provided, so, many owners take a large amount of collected, bid farewell to the web site of the troubles, as a game flow station, I think to it is also not difficult, the key is to have the Shanghai Longfeng reasonable technologies, here’s what the game flow station how to do, to make the site more traffic.

three, more content >

website template on the Internet has a lot of free, and many owners love grilled others may feel that others website template, do good, or have the personality, appearance, but we can not only see this part, we will consider a website template for Shanghai dragon, especially in flow station, I like this the game, the positioning of the keywords are many, such as: audition, Fantasy Westward Journey, game, CF, QQ, QQ, QQ net, coaster, word, Adventure Island, West QQ, street basketball, all of which is a popular game.


two, mining keyword and reasonable layout of

if you can put these words on the website optimization, traffic is certainly not small, we want this keyword, he should be placed on the home page and column page navigation, and content is the anchor text link of a game, for this keyword ranking to take an important role, in fact we are so found flow the site, related to the content in general is relatively wide, only to find a suitable keyword layout template, will make it easier for website optimization.

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