Shanghai Longfeng method and grasp the regular cheating website optimization power

www., Shanghai dragon in Wenzhou Shanghai dragon the main keywords in the user’s point of view is very clear to grasp, but the search engines do not, it will analyze your web page, re processing, see which one keyword density will be the highest, then may select the keywords as the focus the object of study, such as the "Wenzhou" and "Shanghai dragon"

Keywords For example,

any search engine for Shanghai dragon cheating has their own definition, the definition of love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng cheating generally includes two aspects: damage the quality of search results, damage the user search experience. In fact, this definition applies to any search engine, and used to evaluate a method is normal or cheating, also has a very good reference role. The following share several classic cases, some views may subvert your before, but it is such a situation.

Hello, I am virtual son rain. The front SEM watch article "Shanghai Longfeng practice (5) — a brief analysis of the keywords ranking" on the Shanghai dragon method in Shanghai Longfeng is to play a decisive role, and a formal method of Shanghai dragon or cheat or not, often look at the specific usage varies. He also cited the example of Shanghai dragon rain, rain about Shanghai dragon forum do on the home page is not the black hat Shanghai dragon is the most basic techniques of Useragent Cloaking will be able to fix, and warned that what did not put the analysis of rain comes down to no value of the radical black hat method, resist for unknown things on its own, is not a useful learning attitude. Although the personal technology Shanghai dragon is not particularly good, but still feel SEM watch’s view is very reasonable, because most of the time we do Shanghai dragon needs a good method to improve efficiency, and effective methods are likely to linger in the normal and cheating edge, if we can have a better understanding of the work, Shanghai dragon can help us to do good website.

you know, for a web search engine keyword density is very important, especially the site’s home page keyword density, some websites have received high density because of the keyword search engine punishment, light right down, or directly K off the page. But some friends may have encountered a situation: the detection of keyword density of not more than 8%, but the site is rather baffling K out, find a lot of reasons but not found, such as server downtime, site attack phenomenon did not happen, how is this going? Is likely because of the keyword density here, to remind everyone: a web search engine to determine the keyword density is judged by the spiders, spiders crawl it through the index, and then on the web page to re analyze, then sort, this process does not like people to do too much thinking, it is not rational to consider your "true to what is main keywords, it can only rely on their own judgment.

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