Shanghai Shanghai flood dragon love bidding as well as the future of it

I have been committed to the Shanghai dragon, by my own do the keywords LED advertising vehicle case to explain the future of Shanghai dragon.

When the

, do not immediately have the keyword conversion, users also have a process of adaptation.


in 2012 September to the LED car advertising keywords do the top three positions, was delighted, that will bring a lot of traffic for the company, and finally transformed into volume, this is our boss is very willing to see. But really do go up to know, the top three is not as good imagination, when will LED advertising vehicle do keywords first day, traffic is only thirty IP or so, feeling frustrated. So start thinking about the reason, that is because the front end of it, love Shanghai bidding too much, consumed most traffic, as shown below:

get traffic from search engines in two ways, one is love Shanghai auction, a love of Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization, the interdependence between two kinds of traffic modes. Love Shanghai auction as the main income of the search engine, will exist for a long time; and the love of Shanghai Shanghai dragon as a way to meet and enhance the user experience, is the foundation of love Shanghai pay per click, so the natural ranking love Shanghai will also be more in line with the user experience. But Shanghai Longfeng people often complain that Shanghai search keywords love with a little bit of commercial properties, the first home screen are full of love for Shanghai row, we also have the value of Shanghai dragon? This paper will focus on the analysis we do for Shanghai Longfeng value.

felt the love of Shanghai auction is really so hateful, so much to do our bidding, Shanghai dragon how to live. But complaints can not solve the problem, so this situation continued until the end of November, flow slowly become more, the daily IP reached about 40, the amount of consultation is also up, turnover is relatively bigger. And I love Shanghai website statistics were analyzed through, found the old users more and more of their own, and through IP and customer consultation site, most of them to browse several until after consultation. Because our company.

love Shanghai, You’ll see. this concept has been popular, who know a little about computer people don’t know how to use love Shanghai almost no one, even children know to play the game directly on the love of Shanghai to search 4399 love, Shanghai has more than eighty percent market share in the search engine, such a large user I love Shanghai group, is very profitable. From the search engine as the main Internet users access to information, is undoubtedly the marketing business treasure. In Shanghai alone big market, we called the search engine is mainly for drainage so love Shanghai, love Shanghai has become a hotly contested spot business.

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