Shanghai dragon Er to love Shanghai when adult intelligent human beings

love Shanghai know the first is before we can make a big contribution to the construction of the chain and web site promotion, at the same time will bring many related people visit, increase the visibility of our website and fans. When people have to use love Shanghai know the chain of love Shanghai "angry". Shanghai love itself is the search engine, to transfer our webmaster some weight increase a little publicity and flow of "he" itself, I think there is no great harm. When we continue to publicize their site to provide some of the customers love Shanghai without the help of the information, so that customers do not have true love Shanghai love Shanghai without the use of access to their own experience of the know. At the same time our own website a whoop and a holler and increase the chain also led to love Shanghai customer experience greatly reduced. So, probably because of this love Shanghai know there.

love Shanghai more and more humane, how long can Shanghai Longfeng practices have tradition of living? Friendly way in daily life, we often come into contact with people is empathy, then we face the future of search engine is to understand empathy? Do the station needs innovation, innovation must also stand ideas innovation operation, publicity, and Shanghai dragon ideas. We continue to imitate and get what search engines love? Love Shanghai is a machine, but the manipulation of "he" and "he" but the development of intelligent human beings. Love Shanghai forever only to their own development and to his client’s interests in the first place, love Shanghai to mankind the degree of customer experience will be more improved, but more and more of our webmaster demanding, because "he" has developed to our webmaster of "he" has to rely on the pole. Love Shanghai not included we worry, love Shanghai ranking dropped by K we are more anxious, not very obvious? "He" has been very successful, "that he" would love what site? Many well-known site itself has many fixed access among customers, and that kind of love Shanghai site together a good relationship than to help a all love Shanghai site has a big disparity, here we see how to love Shanghai more humane.

we can do a test, not necessarily the original content Ranking Ranking, ranking is not necessarily bad pseudo original. Even reproduced can also have a good ranking. For example, an article is reproduced in the N times, but the basic are included. Love is the leading search engine in Shanghai Chinese, for the original and pseudo original acquisition and have a recognition of humanity. But love Shanghai has also hit the original and false acquisition, human love Shanghai is to help people to be included with the help of the customer value, you read out a paragraph of text, but also do not know love Shanghai. Furthermore, we do the purpose of the station is to do, and not to do. So, we went back to the station to do the origin, the sense of serving the people.


1. love whether Shanghai can distinguish between the original and pseudo original

2. love Shanghai know that the chain can be

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