Talk about the intersection with the soft and entanglements Forum

‘s friends all know, has always been the most classic way to promote the activities of the forum is the forum. Here the flow of people, there are a lot of people watching the daily activities initiated in general are subject to certain attention. For example, a lot of micro novel, soft paper collection activities, through this way, the soft and promotion of forum produced special entanglements. If the forum as a platform to promote long-term stability if appropriate activities is needed. The sponsor, is a good way of propaganda, the participants through the activities can improve their popularity. But relatively soft promotion, Forum promotion activities are relatively complex. The need to consider the implementation of the program, cost etc..

these two kinds of promotion methods, itself are inextricably linked, but they also have their own display platform, can not replace each other. For the entry of the Shanghai dragon Er, this is the two most basic promotion methods need to master. Whether it is to post, or write text, are the techniques and methods of their own, want to do good, we need to continue to study.

soft Promotion Forum

forum focused

soft and the forum a direct intersection is that will be released out of the soft first released relevant forum, because many forums provided with original article delivery section, for example A5 editors tend to suggest that if you pass the examination paper, into the forum, this is not as hard paper waste. And in time through a paper published in the relevant forum, which can improve the soft article exposure, but also increases the likelihood of being reproduced. This is the most used method of Forum promotion news the most direct and simple.

soft and forum posts or there is a big difference, because the forum has its own water in the forum, there are few people will go to read a few hundred words a soft, soft article in the forum is more increased by the inclusion of others the opportunity, the key point is a soft you generally there are few people back comments. The soft Wen promotion and promotion of forum posts to is not a good thing. In general, sharp new problems will be attracted onlookers or comments that the promotion effect can achieve the real purpose of promotion. When you want to promote a preferential information, not always a soft paste over this wholly intact, did not play a real use forum, the forum after all is different from the soft delivery site.

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soft is different from the post

soft and forums are two important aspects of the network promotion will be involved, but also in the two promotion methods of Shanghai Longfeng older than the traditional. The two most familiar for the vast number of friends in the industry promotion methods, two of the two different each one has its own merits, promotion platform, only through reasonable use to achieve the ideal effect.

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