Love Shanghai regional search label brings opportunities for the O2O class local service station

as a local service within the local O2O station site optimization will reduce the degree of competition, and marked regional web page after the result is on the local label, are more likely to get the local user clicks, resulting in a large number of ultra high precision flow and transformation opportunity.

August love Shanghai mobile search had been released "love Shanghai" regional mobile search optimization services, mobile end users search request more strongly to the region, in which nearly a year of love Shanghai in order to better meet the needs of users, upgrade the search around, regional ranking is more significant.

quick step station Shanghai dragon er from the mobile terminal site, APP client and other precision drainage, love Shanghai each adjustment will bring profit to seize the opportunity of the webmaster.

love Shanghai is simple to the user IP and the search term with the original search results for fine tuning, in August last year after the Meta statement and love love Shanghai by Shanghai map API latitude and longitude coordinates make better search results to the webmaster. Shanghai love search results will be accurate to the city level, next in the local web links on the visual region small label, in order to meet the needs of users expected regional search results, click rate, vigorously support the development of regional search depth.

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In 2014

Chinese as the number one search engine, love 6 billion times every day in Shanghai in response to a search request, each retrieval represents the intention to search, at a low cost model is the most convenient and fast to obtain the required, Shanghai also adjust the layout of the search of love, some time ago love Shanghai mobile search results also appear intelligent telephone calls, to let search the user needs to get fast.

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recently, I found that love Shanghai regional search label from the mobile terminal began to spread to the PC side, in the upper left corner shows the geographical location shown below:


traditional owners not only do PC have a good grasp of the mobile version of the site, in the family and the people working on the computer more and more applications, with the PC and the mobile terminal will be the local business history of business opportunities, who is the first to grasp the initiative will first hold to wealth, above people opinion, hope so, do not like do not spray


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