Love the opportunities and challenges of Shanghai K station

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three, Taobao medical, off the violence industry website by K majority, serious damage to the interests of


statistics show that stupid little brother, love the sea station K health, weight loss, and Taobao and other violent guest Wangzhuan industry website by K majority, many sites are ranked very good before K. This is the late anti Shanghai alliance staff love >

!Shanghai dragon

started from the second half of 2012, fell in love with the sea one after another to produce a K station incident alerted the Internet mass, affects the webmaster heart Black June day, the love of Shanghai 6.22 large-scale K station, K station 6.28 event event, again at the beginning of July there were 7.13 station K events. Several large K station, hang up a large number of sites, including some of the old site. Love Shanghai K station incident set off an upheaval in the webmaster, the anti Shanghai alliance with the birth of love, God of the Internet who recount, broke out tens of thousands of webmaster rare love Shanghai while clicking on the bidding advertising action, in order to force Shanghai to love K station to make a reasonable explanation, the official response to the K station with sea combat reason algorithm for the low quality of the site has been in effect for

love love Shanghai Shanghai official in the head of the community response, the K content are low quality sites! Part of the webmaster in the webmaster community reflects their own pure original stations have been plucked, original content is low quality? The webmaster of love Shanghai response showed extremely distrust the attitude, think that love is only in Shanghai to find an excuse for their own K station. In this regard, stupid little brother to remind you that the website content, original content is not high quality, original value of user content is high quality content, all with the software automatically random combination of articles, belonging to the original, this is of value to the users? A useless website, love Shanghai K K who

Respond with the fact that

two, the content of quality problems do not conform to

K fell in love with the sea

consultant small silly brother believes that the webmaster and Shanghai dragon stood enraged the reasons are as follows:

2012, the Internet can be extremely erratic, amidst the winds of change, a dismal year. For our webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, related to their own interests than the love of Shanghai large-scale K station event. Shanghai Longfeng adviser silly brother today and talk about the love of Shanghai large-scale K station opportunities and challenges behind

webmaster!According to

,  collateral damage , webmaster and Shanghai dragon were

love Shanghai algorithm involves too many factors, and the algorithm is designed by people, will inevitably have different degrees of vulnerability. Update every time algorithm involves a large amount of data, manslaughter is not possible without manslaughter can hardly be avoided, and hope that the webmaster understand love, Shanghai official also gives the site syntax error explanation, also provides the entrance for the webmaster of the complaints, complaints website. As to how the effect aside, at least love we certainly worth the efforts of Shanghai.

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