Keywords optimization of the pros and cons of piled up in where

web site to avoid keyword stuffing trap, and then to do is mentality, can be said to occupy the mentality of the optimization of the website ranking 60% successful, website update you stick to the original quality? You have enough chain? Do Shanghai dragon than the endurance, is to see who pay more.

staff may know, keyword density directly affects the keywords in the search engine ranking, keyword density is high, the importance of the keywords in the web page is bigger, so the industry Shanghai dragon has a term called "keyword layout", but the black hat Shanghai dragon, they don’t know how to carry out the keyword layout, only in order to increase the density of keywords, and the page will be a keyword in heaps.




through the hidden code, let the text color and background color, the font size is 1 bytes, so that users cannot see the keywords, but the search engine to see, to increase the density of keywords, and ensure that the site of the beautiful effect.

The Keyword:

keyword stuffing where

Title stack Keywords:

as everyone knows, the title is a more important part in the Shanghai dragon, a lot of people will be the key to a lot of piled up in the title, such as "Shanghai – Shanghai – Shanghai dragon dragon dragon training service – Shanghai – Shanghai – Dragon Dragon optimization consultant Shanghai Longfeng tutorial – Shanghai Dragon Phoenix ranking, this is written comparison of the micro pile, some people even piled up dozens of similar words, if the text in the title, then formed to stack the word Shanghai dragon. The number of the same words appear in the title suggests a maximum of not more than 3 times.

page stack Keywords:

The advantages and disadvantages of

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