Of the four most effective chain construction method

there is no doubt that Links is in addition to the purchase link outside the best link (not including the black chain, wrong door chain). When we do Links should also pay attention to some methods and techniques, so as to let the Links play its due effect. First of all we want to know is the exchange of Links to: 1, PR; 2, improve keyword rankings, this is also the main purpose; 3, improve the site weight, only a clear exchange Links purpose to the next step of the work. The basic situation in the exchange of Links when we should first examine the other site, including the site overall quality, website open speed, website PR value, website, website, website keywords ranking snapshot.

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believe that the webmaster friends all know, the chain for the importance of the weight and website ranking. If you have the site outside the chain of the rich, so not only can easily improve the site weight and ranking, and can let the website search engine included the number increased greatly. Since we know the importance of the construction of the chain, the next step is to know how to do the chain, here in my own experience to share with you the chain construction method of high efficiency under the four, I hope we can bring help.


of the new station, want to get the high quality of the chain is a difficult thing, especially for Links, because the website weight is low, no one is willing to exchange links with just the website. In the new line after we need not anxious to link exchange with others, do more outside the chain, improve their website weight first. In many ways to do outside the chain, with the blog the chain is an excellent way. In the blog and chain, the first thing to do is to choose the right blogging platform. I personally think that Google wants to compare love in terms of the Alibaba and NetEase on the blog blog, love is love for sea and love Shanghai Sina blog blog a little more, so in different search engines use different best blog platform.

two, the chain blog

clear the basic situation, we should pay attention to several points: 1, can exchange links with K or be punished site, of course, if the other site is after K has regained weight except; 2, can not have suspected of cheating and site exchange links; 3 check whether there are other websites, Links cheating, such as adding the nofollow tag in the link; PR other 4, check whether the real value, if it is not determined not to change; 5, if the other site outbound links more than 30 do not go to the exchange, even if his weight again, eventually to your head is not how much. Finally, we have to keep in mind is, when we exchange Links, do not remove the exchange links, although we exchange website links, but we communicate is friendship, heart to heart, for friendship and cooperation, to make links last.

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