The website is down right six solutions to help you

LOG, Bot still love Shanghai grab frequency.

(this is important)

4, keep the site updated 6, check whether

analysis is as follows: the home page is K, the possible reason is the home page keyword density is too large, resulting in title is too long and other reasons (not blindly abuse, to find out the reason, from himself perhaps a few cases can not, love Shanghai but does not mean that Shanghai is not love good.


2, title length reduction was not related to key words deleted, in violation of state policy and delete all words.

if the search engines are all intelligent, unless it is really human search or a search engine to develop artificial intelligence. Drop right or not) included the home page, and not included in your part of the page, you may do is bridge, is the key words in the page.

recently a lot of friends are talking about love in the home by sea K or not included in the way, now for everyone relative solutions.

statement: This is a solution that can not be said to be a general rule. (this approach has been repeatedly verified, in most cases effective)

generally, the next update cycle will come back. If you have not come back, that change is not enough.

3, to reduce the accumulation of

5, check your website robots.txt file, whether love Shanghai crawl policy, not because of their own problems out of search engine.

1, reduce the page key words density

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