Wang Jishun to share the three months will be coming directly to 3 PR

Wang Jishun strongly recommends that everyone in the site beginning to consider the keywords of the web site. First select the website main keywords, keyword selection according to the main selection technique of long tail keywords, long tail keywords, such as: love Shanghai related search, user search habits, software analysis etc.. Keywords the number is not much, is accurate. Too much weight will be scattered site keywords, is not conducive to the keywords ranking. In the optimization of the time, you can choose "first long short". Note the keyword density, good in 6%, too low to optimize the site keywords are relatively unfavorable. Note: you can also appropriate in the title and description are reflected in a keyword, but do not specifically pay attention to accumulation of

a new station just on the line, need a lot of content to improve, when adding the content of the pre proposal is best to use the original, at least pseudo original also false good. Rapid cultivation of trust in the web spider. In the construction site, submit your site to various search engines entrance. Or go to high weight website your own web site. Fast basic immediately be search engine. In this paper, try to use pictures and pictures to bring attention to release, ALT description. In the content to add, to have the law. Including I told law: daily time, daily > add content


website content optimization

if your site level is very good, you can use div+css to write a program, the program is the exclusive search engine of love. I am not just, the establishment level is limited, so the choice of zblog program. The reason is very simple, simple operation, the program itself is also very suitable for the optimization of Shanghai dragon. Now a lot of open source, site has not been a problem.


this article very early to write about, but has been quite busy today, I can calm down to his own experience writing for everyone to share. We believe that the PR value of the site has increased, the June 28th Google PR value updates or let the part of the site of PR has been greatly improved, especially new sites, promote more. The station has been Google’s favor, in the establishment of just three months, the PR value directly up to 3. below I put some of my Shanghai Longfeng optimization experience to share with everyone, I hope to help you.

! station program

third: select the site keywords and optimization

in the very early, the first consideration is the domain name and server selection. In Shanghai Longfeng optimization standard, short domain name has more advantages than the long domain name, the domain name contains keywords than does not contain advantage. Server stability and open speed also have influences on the optimization of Shanghai dragon. So, here, we choose the domain name and the server, choose to Shanghai dragon optimization, began to do the foundation for that ranking from the first step.

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