The necessary conditions for entering the search engine optimization

this time exposed to more Internet companies, of which there are many agents because of the performance of various relations, started looking for a new service or transformation, many of which are considering to enter the search engine optimization (Shanghai Phoenix).

: the first enterprise management team for the understanding of search engine optimization.

high profits?

2. The enterprise have the talent resources of

Chinese search channel army who had so much on the search engine optimization question, contempt and sell products to sell a contemptuous disregard, full of sound and colour. Now try to understand Shanghai dragon /sem. So here, I especially remember a little of my ideas, explore the enterprises to enter the search engine optimization and related fields need what conditions.

1. Before the enterprise have not participated in some Shanghai dragon /sem activities, set up in certain areas of the image of Shanghai dragon /sem. I even very directly with some company executives said, you must do optimization, speak out, sometimes the whole industry may feel funny! Because you mention your company name, can think of is that you are certain product agent. If one day, you tell me your name, I can feel your company is really professional network marketing feeling, as if a little relationship is called with the professional network marketing institutions, as you go in too late. Of course, the problem of some big Internet companies have been aware of, began to organize some activities or invite some experts to do the report, in an attempt to external public relations: "look, we are professional network marketing!"

enterprise management team and senior how to search engine optimization and search engine marketing have much to learn about? There is no deep grasp of the future trend of network marketing? Search engine optimization will be in the enterprise network marketing plays a what kind of role? Why does the enterprise have to enter the Shanghai dragon, is just a temporary replacement some people think, or just want to play to play their own? Is that search engine optimization services


this series of questions, most of the sales agent is currently engaged in the channel system of company leaders, are not very clear. Some of my contacts in the enterprise, more and more people are to search engine optimization as 3721 kinds of products, that is the clerk to sell back to the list ranking, OK optimization technology. But also that the profit is very high, almost no cost.

, second enterprises have the resources of Shanghai dragon /sem


/sem to sell 3721 Shanghai dragon, love Shanghai, the site is different, the accumulation of talent is very important. At least for the project to have a certain understanding of network marketing, there should be some time for the observation of the field and be familiar with. And you must have the talents of Shanghai dragon /sem. Many people want to talk to me, very simple, I think that to optimize the ranking, sales, this.

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