The importance of Taobao Taobao Shanghai dragon new store

Taobao Shanghai dragon free flow shop. In order to improve the conversion rate. Greatly increase the baby’s sales. Taobao Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon sites have many similarities, the objective is to improve the keywords ranking, get a lot of traffic. But each search engine ranking rules, the website of Shanghai Longfeng current general is mainly optimized for love in Shanghai and Google search engine. Taobao Shanghai dragon is optimized for the Taobao search engine.

how Taobao search engine optimization

website The importance of the The Taobao

has several points of concern, one is the baby shelves shelves, usually is very important for the market, daily flow work generally concentrated in the afternoon, the weekend is almost concentrated in the evening. The two is the analysis of competition in goods, goods shelves, to see the goods next, if there is not conducive to their own competitive goods, goods shelves immediately adjusted time. Three is to optimize the title and the main figure. From the popular commodity Title Acquisition, Taobao home page (category), recommended word search box drop-down box words, Taobao ranking, Taobao index, data cube (Amoy word), quantum channel constant keywords statements, train local search hot words list of channels. And try to optimize the picture is beautiful, give a person with visual experience.

Taobao store optimizationTaobao

in addition to Taobao Shanghai dragon, there are other ways, such as the Taobao train, Taobao customers, advertising accurate delivery and other activities. Taobao train, which is required for money. A model of Taobao customer is profit to the promotion personnel. There are some activities held by Taobao can also actively participate in. While advertising accurate delivery is micro-blog and WeChat mode >

is a large shopping platform, its optimization is mainly divided into two parts: the keyword search optimization, category search optimization. We can cite an example, keyword search optimization this part, for example, you want to get married, to buy wedding supplies. Wedding supplies in Taobao search, you will find the top of the shop is relatively high level. The crown is the crown of the two is not three. It is the weight of the website and PR, the higher the level is conducive to improve keyword rankings. As everyone knows, the more closer to the front of the store click rate is higher, the corresponding sales also have more baby. If there is no such exposure, even if the baby is not good, the customer found that is of no use. So it is very important to optimize the Taobao store.

Taobao Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon difference

created a successful fertile ground for many. Is a good platform for entrepreneurs. From the shop decoration Division to model and shooting baby photographer and even Taobao customer service salary is not low. Of course there are thousands on thousands of Taobao stores. The store opened after the flow of customers has become the focus of attention of the Taobao store. How to improve the exposure rate of drainage, store? Focus on improving the conversion rate of flow which has become the people to learn. This is Taobao Shanghai dragon.

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