Why do the electricity supplier website of Shanghai dragon will suffer

indeed, Shanghai Dragon Well, the price is relatively high, the effect is lasting. But Shanghai will do the electricity supplier website dragon hit discount, reason is the stench is too heavy.

general use search engine, the primary objective is to find the answer, instead of looking for products. Especially in some popular search keywords, the search engine is the preferred knowledge ".

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, Jingdong and other large electricity providers have formed the monopoly scale, but there are still a lot of hard work in small and medium business, hope that through different blaze their way through. Especially in some competitive areas, many vertical electricity providers hope to please to become the first major electricity supplier shadow.

is a common search this is the moment. The default search engine is to meet the "what is" the first demand, such as "what is organic food"; "how to do" and then meet the second requirements, such as "how" certification of organic food; then there is a "why" demand, such as "why to eat organic food". Fourth food demand turn "organic food products" this demand. The fourth is a few buyers want to meet the needs of.

search for the word "organic food", most of the user’s search intention may be "what is organic food", in order to understand this concept, so the search engine is preferred, such as the Encyclopedia of knowledge information websites, such as Wikipedia, love Shanghai organic food news network and so on, for the is the answer to "what is organic food" the answer, rather than to meet you "buy organic food" for this purpose.

vertical electricity supplier marketing, branding may cost too much, and brand accumulation is a long-term process. Therefore, some of the classic marketing methods tend to be what they see, such as community marketing, Shanghai dragon and so on. The Shanghai dragon is considered to be a very cost-effective way.

Although Tmall

so, want to do business in Shanghai dragon? Of course. Do Shanghai dragon, will suffer. When the vertical of the small and medium business more and more, consumers of vertical business recognition will increase, resulting in search of the "product demand search request" will be more and more users search words will be more targeted. At that time Shanghai dragon is a very affordable way of marketing.

in business over the years, the vertical trust score is very low. For example, a visitor by Shanghai dragon accidentally entered a small business platform, the first reaction is "heard", the second reaction is "is not a lie", the third is turned off, because the general consumer trust of several major electricity supplier platform, vertical electric is not in the minds of consumers. The most basic foundation of trust.

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