A long journey to find partners new friends chain

website is early more difficult, there is a saying: the poor poorer, the rich richer. The website PR value is high, regardless of the chain, the ranking is good, needless to say, there will be a lot of one-way links, the natural site late do not take much effort, new problems faced by many.

sometimes some webmasters will do so, do a full link on your site, the first link to others, confirm whether the link is correct, when the webmaster check the log link, you can find new links to his site. When the owners to check the log, after the discovery of the new station, see the content is good, collect and automatically link back.

The new

many webmaster will go to the web site directory, after the site is included, relative links is relatively easy. A large catalog of the general, and the open directory, YAHOO, 123, the industry categories, there is a place to conquer the classified catalogue of individual small sites etc.. Looks good to submit the premise is new.

many webmaster will use the most commonly used method: blog. The most common website and blog update is easy to distinguish, and refer to each other, as long as the blog value, other bloggers will be very easy to link to your site.

, thank you!

site outside of the link is not easy, the beginning do not worry, I do, do Links and new sites with their existing weight high website, in order to make the new station can have a good weight, so I put the new sites to find the link in 3 months. That included this time, other owners are willing to exchange.

Many webmaster all know

to collect some more stationmaster’s group, often more exchanges of experiences, time grew to be a friend, in the room is much more convenient to exchange links. The Dalian website: 贵族宝贝52lefen贵族宝贝/ first A5 station network, please keep the link

if our station is a commercial website, it would have to use their brains, the commercial website is very difficult to establish a link, unless help, no one will be able to link to a website to sell things. So in the internal web site can put some industry knowledge, knowledge can also knock in the establishment of a business or part of the re establishment of the commercial station, in turn link.

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