Four optimization strategies of the enterprise deal with the new algorithm

is a premium content both for the reader a visitor or a search engine is very useful. In the algorithm change, original and high quality content is more popular, therefore, we should pay more attention to the quality of the content, not just to get an article with the so-called pseudo original software, so get out of the user experience is poor. For writing the article, should pay attention to content must meet the main website, has certain correlation, which is also an important embodiment of good user experience.


two, to create high-quality content

three, in the station update to time quantitative

four, in the layout of the chain should be reasonable

The original

algorithm update since, in the layout of the chain has become an important aspect of the search engine. In order to prevent excessive optimization deliberately, for an article inside the anchor text links, search engine after the discovery may give some right down. So webmaster friends when the station optimization, remember to naturally reasonable distribution chain website, can not only make the home page links, but also to do a proper page.

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can not be arbitrary logic and law to publish, to achieve timing quantitative update, this will allow the spider to develop a reasonable creep time, with greater confidence in the site. If one day send a dozen, a day without hair, so that there is no law to update, the search engine will begin to suspect on the site and included in the watch list, is very unfavorable for ranking is.

, a reasonable site layout is based on

The content of

a reasonable site layout is very important, for visitors to your site and view to the content on the site more widespread, in the optimization, which will be more conducive to the spider crawling and indexing. The traditional enterprise website to simple and attractive, just put some pictures on the front page and flash, have certain negative effects for these optimization work, so enterprises in the design of the page, you can put a news column on the home page, so each time you update the article when the home page can be updated. In addition, in order to improve the power to make web spiders crawl, site map and the robots file is very important, in addition, the use of static pages, is a very friendly way.

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optimization has received more and more attention, because it brings to the enterprise with great potential economic benefits, although the optimization effect is not a day for two days to reach the time, but many enterprises begin to accept the optimization required, and take this as a future investment. So, in the new situation, how should the enterprise to carry out site optimization work? The following four issues worthy of our consideration:

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