Get the search flow 50W acquisition English website long tail keywords within 1 months

articlesbase贵族宝贝 for example, this website, do English site will know, this is the collection station free articles. No copyright.

OK, we found articlesbase贵族宝贝 data processing, only 11362 keyword is ranked in the first page of the noble baby.

1. of these articles are collected.

3. batch page optimization package.



The removal of



don’t know if you do the dumpster experience, collected tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of content. But get traffic page, basically the dozens or hundreds of pages long tail keywords.

wrote a English version, How to copy websites a long keyword in 1 months gain of 500000 goolge search traffic, now write a Chinese version. By BLOG a fiend in human shape.

this is my intention of a black Goolge PPC keyword database. 999USD Enterprise Edition is a month of service.

has collected tens of millions in the noble baby贵族宝贝 site:articlesbase贵族宝贝.

search results. For example, "weak serratus anterior", " weak; matrix" articlesbase贵族宝贝, this is the long tail keywords. Although only a few hundred a month search. The number of the. OK.

2. pseudo original processing.

I use

We look at

, for example, "Weak Matrix Organization Struct>

home page keywords, and keyword classification page. Keep only the article page keywords.

50W within 1 monthsBefore

collection English website long tail keywords, search flow

to get the search traffic, you must be in the noble baby search rankings to the first page, even before 3.

Goolge PPC database view, he has 847584 key.

then extracted can bring the flow of the page, optimization on the line.


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